Judgment Day is coming on May 21, says The Daily Show -- for 89-year-old Harold Camping

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jon stewart and harold camping.JPG
Camping and Stewart.
Billboards in Colorado and beyond warn that Judgment Day is coming May 21 -- at least according to the California-based Family Radio network, led by 89-year-old Boulder native Harold Camping. And according to a clip from last night's episode of The Daily Show on view below, Camping could very well be right about the world ending on Saturday.

At least for him.

"He's 89!" host Jon Stewart proclaims following an intro about the Judgment Day claims. "Actuarially speaking, he's probably not that far off! How much past May can that dude possibly last..."

Stewart then goes on to suggest that God's wrath won't prompt a "fundamentalist Armageddon" -- at least according to Obama administration officials and the scare-mongering financial media. Instead, it'll be the fact that the United States has exceeded its debt ceiling.

Oh, the humanity! See the entire segment below.

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Who is newsworthy?  Are great scientists and their work ever in the news?  No, but a geriatric lunatic who inspires others to abandon this world for an imaginary one is.


Mark 13:35-37:  are you just possibly one of Camping's deluded followers?

very flakey!

P.S.  May May 22 find you all slightly less crazy than you are now.

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