Kurt Riggin: Supreme Court rejects contempt charge in Park County medical marijuana case

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Kurt Riggin.
For almost a year, Kurt Riggin has been fighting accusations that he illegally acted as an attorney back in October 2009 while trying to aid a medical marijuana-using cancer patient allegedly being harassed by the Park County Sheriff's Office. And while the Supreme Court has now rejected the state's case against him, he still faces charges in Park County stemming from the same incident -- a situation he sees as the equivalent of "double jeopardy."

Riggin is a member of the Federal Bar Association who represents several Native American tribes. However, he's not licensed to practice law in the State of Colorado -- and in 2008, the Supreme Court accepted a judge's recommendation that he be barred from acting as an attorney here following several complaints that he'd been doing just that.

Cut to October 2009, when Riggin, accompanied by medical marijuana advocate Timothy Tipton, traveled to Park County, where a Tipton friend said he'd been harassed by the local sheriff's office for treating his pancreatic cancer with medical marijuana. Riggin then filed what he calls "an informal administrative complaint" against the deputy in question. When asked if he was an attorney, he answered affirmatively and noted that he is an FBA member -- but he says he made it clear that "I wasn't there to represent anyone." Nonetheless, he was charged with felony intimidation of an officer and criminal impersonation for allegedly misrepresenting himself as an attorney approved to practice law in Colorado. These counts led to Riggin being hauled before the Supreme Court's Office of the Presiding Disciplinary Judge on the assertion that he'd violated the 2008 order against him.

In the end, though, the Supreme Court found that Riggin didn't do anything wrong by saying he was a lawyer, since no evidence was presented to contradict this self-identification. And a recording of his conversation with a Park County corporal supported Riggin's version of events -- namely that he'd specifically said he wasn't representing the cancer patient. Read the entire ruling below.

Despite being exonerated in this instance, Riggin admits to still being "pissed" about the harassment of the patient and the decision of Park County authorities to go after him rather than to focus on his complaints. And news that the original deputy the patient accused of harassment is no longer employed by Park County, and the corporal who interviewed him has since been demoted, leaves him dissatisfied as well, given that the felony intimidation and criminal impersonation beefs haven't formally been dropped. The next hearing in the matter is scheduled for next month.

Could the complaints be dropped before then? A lawyer representing Riggin thinks so -- and his client does as well. "I've already been tried for filing a complaint in the Supreme Court," Riggin notes. "It would be double jeopardy to try me twice for the same offense. And since the Supreme Court tried and exonerated me for contempt, I don't see how they can say, 'He's committed a crime.'"

Here's the aforementioned document:

People of Colorado vs. Kurt Riggin: Supreme Court ruling

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the case in park county is set for june 27th in fairplay a true play on words they never play fair

Ana Iamone
Ana Iamone

 Just checked out this Supreme Court decision and find it flawless...meaning ALL the Colorado courts wasted ALL their finances/energies corruptly prosecuting an innocent man (again). The Supreme court's ruling intelligently and clearly stated the facts and law that any of the Colorado lower courts knew and CHOSE TO IGNORE AND VIOLATE ALL OF THIS MAN'S RIGHTS. I believe this case is great proof that the almighty dollar, greed for power over others and money, is truly at least half of any and all litigation about "practicing law without a license." The other half may at times be to protect people from corrupt folks pretending to know how to represent them doing law cases. THIS case is obviously a hate crime against Kurt Riggin, who chooses to care enough to help his fellow human beings' pain from damages/abuses from heartless thugs. Others usually don't care enough to act; they may bitch and complain (a lot). In today's  entertain-me-now society, people are not supposed to be activists advocating for the golden rule of doing to others the divine love and respect you'd like done to you. In support of this observation, I point out to all readers these facts: 1) IFyou dare help anyone in their legal cases or a non-attorney helps you, know you may also meet the same corrupt litigation hell that Mr. Riggin basically ONLY the rich have access to winning in court because they can pay for a law firm (bar attorneys) to "compel" the court to enforce the law to protect you with remedies to keep you safe from those who damaged you. Caring with your heart by helping poor people defend themselves in civil or criminal court actions is HIGHLY FROWNED ON in the U.S.A.... Almost impossible to find attorneys to help anyone begin, proceed and complete a case "pro bono" or free EVER!2) IF you become a "party" to any case THEN all this "practicing law without a license" mumbo jumbo disappears! Then the court EXPECTS YOU TO KNOW ALL THE LAW AND PRACTICE THAT BAR ATTORNEYS KNOW and NOT DESERVE TO BE PAID A CENT FOR ANY OF YOUR TIME...while the bar attorney is allowed to ask for his $200 to $350+ per hour fee for every little minute of work he does on his cases. So you HAVE to be listed on the case as a respondent or plaintiff (one bringing the case) to bring ANY concerns you have about injustices to a court to enforce what's right!!!...OR...if you try to help one other person or a whole group of you try to help someone else, who is battling a law case in a U.S.A. court of law, you can all go to jail for a very long time for "practicing law without a license" So in the land of fairness and just-us (rich), remember you pro se litigants can't claim any $ for doing all that legal work, none of you can, because you are not "bar attorneys." You the common people with caring hearts' (judicially fighting in courts for your rights and lives, etc), YOUR time and intelligence isn't worth any dollar amount, not even close to $200 - $350 an hour even if you spend seven years litigating your own case by yourself (no attorney "representing" you or your pocketbook). Get it yet? NOW GET IT - .$$$ and power over others by a group of elite such as BAR ATTORNEYS keeping the poor in their place at the bottom of existence levelsTHIS IS WHAT THIS CASE REVEALS. Such elite don't like competition or interference from the likes of Mr. Riggin who help folks in need without getting paid. It's past time for big changes. Turn off the tv and get active in cultural change folks in order to replace those who only feel taller when digging holes under others with those who care about each other as respected family/relations. The costs of hate are too high. We are blessed this case and someone like Kurt Riggin is alive and well. Any many more!


 Nice work Kurt!  Hopefully they will end the harassment soon.


With two criminal charges and this investigation for contempt, Kurt was actually in a sort of triple jeopardy.  I have attended three hearing in Park County and the six-and-a-half hour hearing before Judge Lucero, have reviewed the arrest affidavit and other fruits of discovery in Kurt's criminal case in Park County, and I attended minutely to the evidence in the hearing before Judge Lucero.  I am convinced on the basis of what I have seen and heard that felonies have been committed, are being committed -- by Judge Groome and co-conspirators in the Park County Sheriff's office and attorney(s) in the Office of Attorney Regulation, prominent amongst them Mr. Ikler.  It is a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to act to suppress people's First Amendment rights while acting under color of law.  In Park County and in the Capitol, a judge, sworn officers of the Law, and officers of the court have done precisely that, acting to suppress Kurt's right to freedom of speech and freedom to petition the government for redress of grievances.Kurt identified himself as an attorney, which he is, and presented his Federal Bar Association card to Corporal Morgan when asked, but he explicitly stated (as is attested by the arrest affidavit and audible on the audio recording Morgan made of the interview) that he was NOT acting as an attorney.  He informed the direct supervisor of a deputy who was engaged in a campaign of deliberate harassment against a medical cannabis patient diagnosed with PTSD about the deputy's conduct, and asked that it be stopped.  Testimony at the hearing before Judge Lucero established that Corporal Morgan did nothing to investigate the informal complaint lodged against his deputy, that Corporal Morgan copied down the number on Kurt's Federal Bar Association card but attempted to look it up in the State of Colorado's database of attorneys licensed by Colorado, then entered into an illegal conspiracy with, among other entities, the very office which is supposed to regulate attorney's conduct throughout Colorado to claim that Kurt Riggin committed two felonies and violated an order of the Supreme Court by asking that then-Deputy Hannigan stop beaming his cruiser's spotlight into a sick man's trailer late at night.  I have seen such staggering incompetence and what I understand to be unabashed, open commissions of felonies by public officials in Colorado -- how can people in Colorado be so complacent and smug when outrages like this are being perpetrated by those supposed to be upholding the Law?  We are governed by craven thugs of whom it is difficult to tell where abject stupidity and incompetence leave off and criminal intent begins.  Mr. Walsh, you may not learn about such conspiracies from online blogs very often, but the acts of several officials in the cases against Mr. Riggin cry out to be investigated and prosecuted.


Kurt faces trial on two felony charges in Fairplay next week.  He may need a ride, and he could certainly use witnesses.  The cabal running Park County has not seized us yet, but it is sobering to consider that the felons in this case are the complainants, prosecutor, and judge.  Anyone who wants to see what a judge dismissed by the voters of Park County but still wielding unchecked power there as an accomplice of criminals in its Sherriff's Department does when faced with the cold light of public scrutiny, leave a message.


Kurt's case in Park county is postponed till June and maybe it will go away for good the bondsman cannot find the case on the court website something he has never seen before your tax dollars at work, the fun never ends in park county. ps The officer I filed the complaint against( officer Hannagan) has been fired and the copral the took the complaint (Dean Morgan) has been demoted boo hoo keep watching for more.

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