Kyle Orton trade? KO's no longer a Broncos favorite, but Miami Dolphins fans love him

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Kyle Orton.
Many Denver fans and observers feel Kyle Orton is out as Broncos quarterback even though John Elway and the team's braintrust won't admit it.

But if he's not wanted here, there's another place where he'd be a very welcome presence: Miami.

The Sun Sentinel's Mike Berardino recently conducted a poll of Dolphins fans, asking which presumably available veteran QB the squad should pursue. Contestants included Kevin Kolb, Carson Palmer, Matt Hasselbeck, Donovan McNabb, Marc Bulger, Vince Young, Matt Flynn and Orton. And out of almost 7,500 votes cast, KO was the clear winner, tallying 2,670 votes, or 35.7 percent of the total.

One possible reason for Orton's supremacy: The presence on the Dolphins squad of former Broncos receiver and controversy magnet Brandon Marshall. This past December, when Berardino asked the Beast, who was stabbed by his wife last month, about getting back together with Orton, he said, "Kyle and I hit a point in the season last year when he threw it up and I made a few plays and had a chance to put our offense and our team in good positions. For the most part, it was fun playing in that offense last year."

Bernardino cites an ESPN report suggesting that Elway "might be willing to deal Orton for third- and fifth-round draft picks," which he considers a fairly reasonable deal. In the meantime, Bleacher Report's Robert Hoffman suggests that the Dolphins "trade either Kendall Langford or Jared Odrick for Kyle Orton straight up." Hoffman points out that Miami's deep on the defensive line and Langford, a free agent in 2012, is a known run-stopper -- a genuine Broncos need. In addition, Odrick's potential is enticing, even though he missed almost all of the 2010 season due to an injured leg.

Of course, nothing is likely to happen on this front until the NFL's labor situation is sorted out -- which likely explains why Elway and company have been so cagey about throwing their support behind Tim Tebow. But once the lockout is unlocked, you can bet there'll be plenty of front office chatter between the Broncos and the Dolphins.

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See.... Broncos fans have no idea what they truley have in Orton. Just because we have Tebow on our roster doesn't mean we'll be successful... You guys and the media overhype him and its ridiculous. Orton has had to play with no fans supporting him, when we're down in a game all I can here from the stadium is "TEBOW, TEBOW" ... Wow, yeh nothings better than to help our team comeback with a morale boost by chanting 'TEBOW' all the time.... Face it, Orton has proven nothing wrong for this team, you guys just want to see Tebow play because why? 'He's a winner"? Thats where even football experts throw me off.... How can we tell that a QB who has played 3 games in the NFL with a 1-2 record is a "winner"???? It makes no sense... Could he be? Yes he could, but he hasn't proven he can be yet thats for sure. Broncos nation just needs to give Orton one more year to see what he is worth. All of the other 31 teams like this guy and respect this guy and why are we the only ones that are throwing him off on the curb like he has done nothing to help this organization??? All he has done is face criticsm after criticsm and no one to support him and yet he still stood calm and found ways to help lead this team to oppurtunities.... You guys that want Tebow to start and us to throw Kyle out for a round 2 depth guy are just not looking at what he has accomplished... If we give him to Miami then thats just the second time they have gotten a huge steal from us. The other was Mike Nolan. Think about all the guys we lost because of McDaniels! Do we want to lose another one and watch him succeed when Tebow could be injury prone and we have to start Brady Quinn for half the season? Or maybe Tebow just isn't the guy in general? You need a fall back plan fellas and Orton needs to play out the remainder of his contract. I mean show some respect for the guy fellas, he is a Bronco and has done nothing to deserve the s%&* he has been getting from oblivious fans. Be honest... if Kyle Orton was never s starter for the Bears you guys would be all over him. The only reason you guys hate him was because of his lack of performance in Chicago. Thats the only reason... If he was a fresh new talent you guys would be all over him... It is just true... Give the man a chance. Tebow time can wait...

Eric M
Eric M

 Tebow brings something Orton could NEVER bring to ANY football team. Excitement.

Nobody heard anything about the Broncos the first 14 weeks or so because they weren't winning and they didn't have anybody to care about. 

Guess what? The Broncos are terrible. I'm from Colorado and know it. Orton is not the savior. He doesn't make anybody wanna watch the Broncos. 

Tebow on the other hand makes people excited to see the team. Orton can throw for 400 yards a game and nobody will care. Tebow runs in 1 game winning touchdown and people love the Broncos again. 

So go ahead. Take Orton. Tebow is Denver's man. I think John Elway knows a thing about quarterbacks


The Broncos would be crazy to get rid of Orton before Tebow has a chance to prove himself.

Miami would be getting another Jay Feidler.

I don't see this trade really helping either team.


jesus does not help you win football games. 


 Orton is at best a .500 QB. He was absolutely awful after his awesome start year. 

Tebow can't play????? 

In the 3 games he did start he did a great job putting points on the board and keeping plays alive with his feet. Mccoy's play calling was awful too. He didn't even let Tebow throw a route, It was either a hail mary or a bubble screen. If it wasnt for our lack luster defense last year. He could have been 3-0.

 Never put Rodgers and Orton in the same sentence. Orton has accomplished nothing in his years as a starter.... He had a few decent years with the Broncos, but thats it.

 Tebow is the answer and you will eat your words after Tebow leads the Broncos to the playoffs this year. COUNT ON IT!


It's a great move if they pull it off, and a huge mistake for Denver.

Tebow can't play..........period.

Orton's an accomplished quarterback, a guy that's as techniquely sound as AAron Rogers, but admittedly without AR's mobility. Orton's feet are quick, his release fine, his strength well known, his experience unquestioned. His arm makes every throw.

The Broncos are rated 30 of 32 and even this draft is a year or two from netting results. The last thing the worst defense in the league can stand is 3 and out, over and over.

The Tebow run threat disappears play one, the inability to throw deep will cost, and his born with inaccuracy is a deal breaker.


Good for the Dolphins if they make this work. 


 Orton can't win football games in the clutch. I would love to have Orton still on our team being the backup, but Orton has a big head and won't allow that to happen. I know Tebow will be successful! I have and will always be a true Tebow supporter. So far he has done nothing to prove that he won't be successful, he started 3 games as a ROOKIE and did great in the opportunities he was given. Oh, and by the way I was a Orton supporter when we got him in the trade for cutler but he has lost my support with his lack luster play.  



The only thing I don't completely agree with you on is the question of the motivation driving the "Tebow Timers" 

Often the second string guy is the guy some fans want.

No matter who.

I'm old enough to remember the Tripuka's done, play Mickey Slaughter", "Slaughter can't play, put in McCormick" through "Ramsey's better than Morton", Kubiak's a better player than Elway", and the same nonsense as recently as "Cutler's better than Jake".

I don't think Tebow can play quarterback at the NFL level, so full disclosure there.

His popularity as a player has less to do with football than his reputation as a person.

And his ability as a self promoting genius.

Hats off to the young fella there.

That being said, I do think Orton's a very special talent at the position and agree 100% with your assessment that he's gotten better every year. I saw this guy hit Brandon Lloyd with rockets, back of the end zone, 55 yards on a line, eye level throws for touchdowns 2 weeks in a row last year, against Seattle one week, the Jets the next. His 35 yard out is a hot throw, no air, his short ball is nose up, his touch on a screen is fundamentally perfect. Throws off the front foot when he has room, works the pocket with quick feet, and has about 75 NFL gamesb experience. He's still improving as a relatively young player at the position. His upside is really big.

Tebow on the other hand has "intangables".

"Intangables" don't move the chains on constant 3rd and more than 6. That's what Orton or Tebow faces next year. Orton has the physical ability to complete pressure throws on third and long at that after drive.

And to be competitive every series.

Tebow does not.

Penalties, no top level offensive linemen are drive killers, and a proven throwing quarterback is necessary to keep a game close, especially with the Denver Defense what it is.

Tebow, simply put, does not.

His resume?

1 win, and that a last minute gasser against the second worst defense in the NFL...ahead of Denver.

The Broncos weren't in the San Diego game late, only the Chargers hitting the kill switch, playing 2nd team guys and a kickoff return gave the game a false look of "being close".

The Raider game?

Never even competitive.

How's  a hail mary that goes thru the corner's hands constitute a great throw when a 45 yard ball had 20 yards of air on it?

Any way, I just wanted to tell Kyle I agree, and great post.   


I agree with you! The Broncos should have a decent season this year if they let Tim play QB, atleast 8-8 in my opinion. Our Defense should be atleast decent this year. If some of our draft picks can step in and help immediately, it would help out alot! If Von Miller turns out to be as good of a pass rusher as they talk about then Denver will have one of the most lethal 1-2 combo of pass rushers with Dumervil and Miller. Lets keep our heads up! Im predicting playoffs next year, i hope i am right!!!

Eric M
Eric M

And a homeless man beard obviously can't win games either. Orton's a loser for life 


with that said....TEBOW SUCKS 

anyone that thinks NFL teams WONT be able to adjust and stop his style of play is obviously not watching the same games i am. 

Mathew Geise
Mathew Geise

Tebow inspires even the defense. Orton!? A sulker.


He can't play the position.

Nobody doubts his want-to, his "intangables", his commitment to his faith, his goody goody team attitude or his work ethic, but he can't play quarterback.

There is a certain amount of natural ability needed to throw to a target, same way, every time. Tebow doesn't have that, and his arm strength isn't there. Period.

His big value at Florida was his beast factor. In that conference there are great players, there are also 170 pound corners. Fast ends, slow ones. Big linebackers, fast mobile, hostile, etc., and less than competent ones. Tebow could run, had the best center in College football, and Meyer's use of the spread enabled this very average talentwise but very big, fast runner to that environment.

That's not the NFL, where Tebow's not even one of the fastest quartebacks!, much less players. His accuracy is at best mediocre in a league where "open" is not really open at all.

Orton's a pro. He excells with good players, has real positional ability, gets his people the ball, executes, leads by example with toughness and class, and is in a word professional in his craft.

He'd likely benifit from a good h-back..........say, Tebow! 

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Strong viewpoint, Tyson. We're going to make your post an upcoming Comment of the Day. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.


Just... lol.... 

Mathew Geise
Mathew Geise

YouTube & Wiki stats bro, u should research tebow b4 making foolish comments. In a few years everyone will be eating their words about tebow! He's winner! Orton!? ... Average.


How many balls did Tebow put in the hands of any receivers that went downfield on 3rd and more than 5?

He can't play.


"A special talent at the position"? That's rich. You also never saw Orton throw "55 yards on a line." I know, I know, it's the internet, hyperbole, etc. But let's keep this discussion grounded in reality.


Tebow ran a faster 40 time than Cam Newton did at the combine. I'm sure you think Cam is "one of the fastest QB's". Orton puts up "good stats" but he is not good at the end of games. Tebow led the broncos on a game winning drive vs Houston and almost an amazing comeback vs. San Diego. That is in only 3 games!!!! I must continue to stress that! How are you judging Tebow??? just by your personal view point? 

Oh yeah one more thing, You call Tebow "very average talentwise"???

Without Tebow at QB last year for the Gators, they were absolutely awful! so obviously it just wasn't Meyer's spread offense, or any QB should have been able to step in. Tebow is a special talent and a winner! 


Watch the films of back to back games, Seattle one week, the Jets the next.

Denver headed north both plays. So the film will go right to left.

55 yards, both throws. for touchdowns.

Both throws hit Brandon Lloyd eye level full stride back of the end zone.

Next time you come at me, know what you're talking about.

It's fine to worship, to be a tebaphile, to see everything through Tebow colored glasses. But you're the one who needs to get a grip on reality.


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