Reader: Marijuana legalization advocates -- can't we all just get along?

Mason Tvert.
Yesterday, marijuana advocate Mason Tvert refuted claims that his group's filing of 2012 legalization initiatives wasn't intended to disrespect local activists.

One commenter called for all parties in this particular dispute to put down their arms and give peace a chance.

ColoradoShu writes:

Infighting in advance of this critical opportunity in 2012 is not even permissible let alone practical. Fort Collins is now on alert for losing 23 mmj businesses to follow suit with what happened in Windsor, Loveland and Greeley. The backlash is occurring because we're not mobilizing united fronts to defend the rights of MMJ patients and their caregivers. To date, it seems as if a few vested law offices and some dispensary owner activists are carrying our water. Time for the whole of Colorado's health and wellness proponents (patients, family of patients, employers of patients, neighbors of patients) to step up. If there's a means by which to aggregate and coordinate communication to the mass of us then we might get out in front of these ill-intentioned legal assaults on our health security. Is it Colorado's NORML chapter that might best serve this function? Who can get this in gear so I don't have to start home gardening with a resultant effect of the neighbors' kids no longer being allowed to play with mine?

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NOTHING like mixing the Legalization 2012 effort with MEDICAL MARIJUANA ISSUES.  Excuse me, Michael, but the two are separate.  ....AND, what is Mason Tvert's picture being promoted in this fluff "comment article"(new BEAST of journalistic NON-COVERAGE,"I" never learned in school?)?  Publically, Mason has mentioned on numerous occaisions that he is NOT associated with medical marijuana, much less ever visited Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, and Greeley.  He is NOT an Advocate for mmj, and sits at his Denver digs smoking from a Heat Gun and Bong, taking Soros and other 'big funder' monies, and promoting a legalization agenda already drawn up.  Like the wording of the filed 8 initiatives, where it says we will comply with driving under the influence of marijuana laws.  SHEESH, this ballot initiative suddenly creates a new violation opportunity for law enforcement called "DUIM", not really the community directed move for a ballot initiative, don't you think?  We already have enough 'vague and ambiguous' laws on the books in the Rocky Mountain State as it is, and don't need to HELP the LEO'S!  Sure, this weeks hearing on their ballot initiative filing will allow for MINOR changes to what has already been (way early) filed, HOWEVER, i DO NOT think that Tvert, Vincente, Fox and others involved will actually be able to remove this obviously errroneous language from the ballot initiative.  SO, VOTE NO, when this dark cloud signature opportunity comes YOUR WAY!  This is exactly what happens when an Elitist Organization does NOT ask for community input, period.  AND, to have them legitimatize the DOR to run the legalization effort once voted in seems like "Giving the keys to the candy store away", as many activists have mentioned.


Jesus said to dounto others as we would have them do unto us. None of us would want our childthrown in jail with the sexual predators over a little marijuana. None of uswould want our parent's home confiscated by the police for growing a couple ofplants to ease the aches and pains of growing older. It’s time to let ordinaryAmericans grow a little marijuana in their own back yards.


And check out for some more great stuff about Jesus at work inpeople’s lives!


If I am legally allowed to have an unlimited amount of alcohol in my possession, then I should be allowed to have an unlimited amount of the far safe substance, cannabis.  I read all the time about what the drunks do, I rarely read anything about what the stoners do.  Stoners are much lass of a hazard to society, so why is this stuff still illegal???  Alcohol kills, cannabis does not.  Stop the insanity!!

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