Marijuana: Pierre "Dr. Reefer" Werner asks patients to write Nevada judge leniency letters

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Pierre Werner.
In January, Pierre Werner, who ran a Boulder dispensary under the name Dr. Reefer, was indicted in Nevada on multiple marijuana counts -- as were his mother and brother. All three have now signed plea agreements, but Werner is asking patients and advocates to write letters to the judge on his behalf in a bid to lower a potential 41-51 month sentence to probation.

Werner was released from jail several weeks ago following three months behind bars after his mom paid his $100,000 bond (the Las Vegas Journal-Review reports that she put up two homes as collateral). Right now, he says, there's no sentencing date set because two other people charged along with him and his family members have yet to agree to a plea deal. Once they do, a hearing will be scheduled, with sentencing ninety days later.

But while he's accepted a potential three-year-plus jolt, in part because the pact gives his mother and brother probation, he points out that this is merely a recommendation, and the judge can impose less time. He thinks probation is appropriate, despite two prior jail stints pertaining to marijuana, because he focused on pot as medicine, as he did in Colorado before rules against former felons owning dispensaries forced him out of business here.

"I'm in the same mess as Chris Bartkowicz was," he says, referencing the Highlands Ranch medical marijuana grower arrested in 2010 and charged federally. A judge later ruled Bartkowicz couldn't use Colorado MMJ rules as a defense, leading to a five-year prison sentence in January.

Advocates fear such prosecutions could become more prevalent given a recent letter from U.S. Attorney John Walsh threatening federal action against the State of Colorado if portions of HB 1043, a bill intended to clean up aspects of medical marijuana regulations passed last year appeared in the final legislation.

"This is no game with the federal government," Werner stresses. "Federal law has got to change."

In the meantime, Werner hopes former patients in Colorado and beyond will speak out in his defense. Here's his letter asking for assistance:

Hello Patients,

We are asking our patients to please write a letter of leniency on our behalf. On January 6, 2011, My family and I were arrested and charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana. As a result we have signed a plea agreement with the federal government that calls for probation for Reyna Barnett (my mother) and Clyde Barnett (my brother), however Pierre Werner's guidelines call for 41-51 months in prison. We helped hundreds of patients navigate Nevada's complicated Medical Marijuana laws. Please take a few minutes and write a letter using following the format of the reference letter outline. Please address your letter To The Honorable Judge Phillip Pro.

Character reference Letter -- Outline

To The Honorable Judge Phillip Pro:

Paragraph 1: Introductory paragraph explaining who you are and reason for writing (in support of leniency for Pierre Werner)

Paragraph 2: Long paragraph outlining your contacts, friendship, acquaintance, history, etc. with him; duration of acquaintance; relationship to Pierre and/or his family.

Paragraph 3: You opinion, based on facts, regarding Pierre's character, setting forth his virtues; for example: trustworthy, honest, intelligent, law-abiding, family-oriented, job-oriented, etc.

Paragraph 4: Your recommendation that Pierre be treated with leniency, based on mitigating factors know to you: his non-criminal nature; good character; sincerity of beliefs, etc.

Please include your name, address and telephone number.

Please send your letters to:

Pierre Werner
7775 Clearwood Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89123

Thank You and God Bless.

Pierre Werner
Dr. Reefer

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joe mama
joe mama

so, aside from my belief that non-violent drugs offenders, especially those pertaining to cannabis do not belong in any phase of the US justice system, if this were just about any one else except pierre werner i would have a whole lot more pity then i currently do. i was happy to see the black eye he put of this industry with his antics go away from colorado. dr. reefer......meh.


Long Live Dr. Reefer!!!!! Screw Timothy J. Landrum


i told him many years ago his greed will catch up to him...


I want to everyone who takes the time to write a letter for me and my family. Until Federal law changes, this can happen to anyone that provides medical marijuana. The fight continues, god bless you all.

Pierre Werner


You just never know when Karma will rear her ugly head. She is a bitch.


Yeah, tell that to the cops who arrested them. Some people are meant to do this kind of thing.

Jim More
Jim More

Behind you 100%  , God bless you. I have someone close to me that is dying of Cancer. And, yes he will smoke. It helps him eat, sleep, and laugh. Instead of thinking of dying.  I pray that all goes well for you. Don't let it stop you. I am an advocate for a lot of issues. This being a very important one. Continue the fight. Do take care. Letter Going out. Lisa


I wish they would drop all the charges. Look into Landrum. He used to bust biker gangs. He thinks meth and medical marijuana are the same thing. He has no clue about the lighter side of grass. all he's seen is the dark and the ugly. One day all of these prosecutors, judges, attorneys, and DEA officers will be sitting in a prison. God Bless you all!!

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