Marvin Booker beating death decision coming today: See video, photos of protest march

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Video, photos below.
On Friday, anti-police-violence protesters rallied to demand justice for Marvin Booker, who died in Denver County Jail last July -- and they won't have to wait much longer to learn if justice will be done. At 10 a.m. this morning, Denver Manager of Safety Charley Garcia will announce his decision, and we'll have full coverage. In the meantime, take a look at a video and photos courtesy of West Denver Copwatch of the Friday march.

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Courtesy of West Denver Copwatch

2 march 6 marvin booker march.JPG
Courtesy of West Denver Copwatch

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I was shouting the wrong date but I corrected. The scene at the end was strange. We tried to turn south on Sante Fe, but the police forced the march to continue west. We went a couple of blocks down Kalamath when the march disbanded, with many participants running in all directions, probably to alarm the police. I was heading back to the origin when I heard a report -- Miguel told me that the police had fired a tear gas round. Does anyone know why? I was under the impression that the participants had dispersed several minutes before.


People ran in all the directions in order to get away safely so that no one would get arrested. No tear gas was fired, someone threw a firework and the person accused of that was arrested and that was the only arrest as far as people know.

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