Michael Hancock's Creation Science Fair: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

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Denver Public Schools Creation Science Fair Kenny Be Westword Blog Head.jpg

During a recent mayoral candidate debate, Chris Romer forced Michael Hancock to stumble through a confused admission (and later retraction) for allowing the teaching of creation science and/or intelligent design in public-school classrooms. Perhaps looking at a few DPS Creation Science Fair projects will help the pro-education-reform candidates see the pros (and cons) of teaching intelligent design in Denver Public Schools...

Lowering the budget: Denver Public Schools wouldn't have to spend so much money trying to find adequate science teachers and textbooks when local churches would provide creation-science instruction and material for free.

Denver Public Scools Creation Science Fair May 21, 2011 Endtimes Kenny Be Westword Blog.jpg

Below, how these lower costs will increase science proficiency scores...

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