Nuggets dancers audition countdown prep classes: Do you have what it takes? (PHOTOS)

nicole nuggets dancers head shot.JPG
Big pics below.
With the Denver Nuggets' playoff run done, the Nuggets Dancers are gearing up for next season with a series of classes to ready prospective new members for the rigorous audition process. To get you in the mindset for the next get-together, a nutrition and work-out session at 7 p.m. tomorrow, we've supplemented info on classes through July 7 with photos from the Nuggets Dancers Facebook page, focusing on Lauren and Nicole. They're ready for the opening tip. Are you? Check out the gallery below.

1 nuggets dancers.JPG

2 nuggets dancers.JPG

3 nuggets dancers.JPG

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Johnny Rocket
Johnny Rocket

Geez... can we get any whiter? Are there no Black, Latina or Asian dancers in Denver? Or are the Nuggets really that "selective?" Let's get some diversity in here....

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