Osama bin Laden and marijuana: Was the terrorist a stoner?

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Among the juicy details emerging in the wake of Osama bin Laden's death last week was the fact that a bunch of marijuana plants were found growing next to his Abbottabad compound in Pakistan. The discovery has launched an Internet's worth of bad puns and stupid jokes: "Osama bin Smokin,'" "Bin Laden Been Blazin."

But is there any truth to the headlines?

Some over-eager sleuths have pointed out that the compound was known to place bulk orders for soda and food from the local market, so maybe the world's most wanted terrorist had a bad case of the munchies. On the other hand, bin Laden was rumored to suffer from kidney problems, something for which he could've scored a medical marijuana card in Colorado and several other states. (Although to do so, he would've had to show a valid ID among other credentials, and that would have SERIOUSLY cramped the dude's style.)

All in all, the revelation seems to play into every drug warrior's wildest dream: It appears that marijuana may, after all, turn you into a terrorist!

Of course, there may be a much simpler explanation for the Abbottabad stash: Pot is known to grow wild in those parts of the world. In other words, this particular weed may just, in fact, have been a weed.

If so, we have to say: What a wasted opportunity. If there was one guy who could've used a little mellow indica, it's bin Laden.

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Matt in Boulder
Matt in Boulder

This story needs to be filed under "urban legend" rather than "news". This whole story started with a CNN report that only briefly mentioned the word marijuana. Take a look at the CNN video and you don't see "a bunch of marijuana plants". Yes, there is an out of context shot of a pot plant that was clipped into the video, but no actual video of the plants outside Bin Laden's compound.

Seriously, I've seen more believable footage of the Loch Ness Monster...

Futurefest was obviously a joke. Come on. You live in Boulder. You should know this....

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