Sarah Palin: Colorado Christian Univ. troops salute in wake of Osama bin Laden's death

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Sarah Palin.
Wouldn't you know it -- the day after Osama bin Laden was killed by an elite Navy SEALs team in Pakistan, former vice presidential candidate and political star Sarah Palin will offer a salute to the troops at Colorado Christian University.

And surprisingly enough, she may not be the most controversial figure on the program.

Joining Palin will be William Boykin, a retired lieutenant general well known for making fiery statements about Islam.

As documented by's Jason Salzman, Boykin contextualized his early nineties battles with a Somali warlord by saying, "I knew my God was bigger than his. I knew that my God was a real God and his was an idol."

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William Boykin.
Such statements have escalated since his 2007 retirement from the military. In an article for the Centennial Institute, which Salzman describes as an arm of CCU, Boykin wrote that "Islam is not just another religion," but, "in its fullest form... a complete and totalitarian way of life." And in another piece, he implied that Islam doesn't deserve the same constitutional protection as does "Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and other faiths."

Does Palin agree with these sentiments -- the sort that President Barack Obama specifically distanced himself from in last night's speech announcing bin Laden's death? Salzman wasn't able to get confirmation about that, but he was told by former GOP state senate leader John Andrews, one of the event's organizers, that Palin's people signed off on Boykin's appearance at the troops tribute.

The rally gets underway at 7 p.m. tonight at CCU. Click here for details.

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Palin's relevance is directly proportional to her venue. Lakewood.


Just another carnival barker.


We Dems can only dream.


That's about all you do...

Time to get a job and get off the government Dole.


Off the government dole?

Like Ayn Rand? (Yes genius, she's the patron saint of you conservative reptiles, a vulgarian that hated all people on "entitlements"................untill she applied for it.........and lived on it her last several years.)

Palin? Quit as hlf term Governor of Alaska, still receiving salary from the people of that state.

How much did trump's bankruptcies cost the taxpayer?

Conservatives/republicans need to get off the government dole, unless they're working a government job.

Honest, hard working Democrats are carrying the hillbilly half that is the republican party.

It needs to stop.

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