Suzanne Williams: No indictment, 3 tickets in crash that killed pregnant Brianna Gomez

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In December, state senator Suzanne Williams got into a crash in Texas that killed Brianna Gomez, who was seven months pregnant; the baby survived. Her attorney, David Lane, argued that the accident, while tragic, shouldn't result in an indictment against Williams, and this month, a grand jury agreed. In the end, she only faces three misdemeanor traffic violations.

The reported tally includes two tickets related to her grandson, who was ejected from her Honda in the crash, as was his dad, Todd Williams -- having an unsecured passenger under age seventeen and a child under eight unsecured by a car seat. (Todd Williams was also ticketed for not wearing a seat belt.) In addition, she was cited for driving on the wrong side of the highway, which led directly to the crash.

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Brianna Gomez.
Williams, known for vigorously backing child-restraint safety laws in Colorado, claimed not to remember the collision; afterward, she is said to have placed her grandson in a car seat prior to the arrival of the Texas State Patrol. In a previous interview, attorney Lane argued that such a blank spot isn't unusual. He said Hartley County District Attorney David Green, who ultimately asked a grand jury to decide if there was enough evidence for criminal charges, "used to be a cop down in Texas, and he's investigated countless numbers of auto wrecks like this -- so he understands that with severe trauma like this, it's not at all uncommon to have no memory shortly before and after an accident like this. And that's where we're at.

"For me, the main issue in the case is whether or not every human tragedy must have criminal charges that go with it," he maintained. "And sometimes, there are just human tragedies."

Lane added that "people's knee-jerk reaction is that it's her fault, that she did something wrong. But the evidence is unclear as to what happened other than what we know happened -- that this is an incredible tragedy. And it's an incredible tragedy from Suzanne Williams's perspective, too."

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Very sad story. I've often felt that people in high positions or with a lot of money tend to get off easier. It's a shame. I'm not going to get anyones panties in a bunch by saying it had anything to do with what political party she was affiliated but I do see what "hombre" was trying to get at with the comment posted.


And what political party does Ms. Williams belong to? As if we couldn't tell from its conspicuous absence.


In this litigious society (I am an attorney) we have somehow forgotten that sometimes tragedy is just that. Whether no one dies, or a pregnant woman dies, if Williams' behavior was not negligent then she should not face charges. Like it or not, sometimes $hit just happens...  for the memory failure, that is a pretty common reaction, esp. when there is extreme stress or a head injury.



Did party affiliation cause the accident?

Or are you insinuating that her not being described as a memeber of a party was politically motivated?

Do you really want to go there? Shall we go tit for tat?

I'm chompin' at the bit on that one, and really hoping you want to play.

By posting what you did, you basically accused the State of Texas of negligence in investigating this.  

Cybersleuth58 hit it exact.

But your inner partisan demons want to get you into a game you have zero chance of winning?

As your hero, the "illustrious" uncle awol said once, "bring it on". 

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Thanks for the post, Cybersleuth58. We're going to make it an upcoming Comment of the Day. Congrats.

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