To protect and swerve: a drag-racing Aurora cop

Greased Lightnin'!
Police officers get to drive fast when the sirens are wailing. But they are supposed to slow down once they change out of their uniforms and get into their own personal cars. Aren't they?

On Thursday, 9News reported that both the Aurora Police Department and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office are investigating Aurora cop Jason Pray who has been accused of street racing and endangering the welfare of two children.

According to the report, the sheriff's office believes Pray, 38, raced his 2007 BMW against 53-year-old Ronald Bennett, in a 2008 Corvette, down Castle Pines Parkway in late March. They were both allegedly driving 81 mph in a 40 mph zone.

Both men crashed their cars. But that's not the best part. The report also says Pray, a six-year veteran of the Aurora PD, had two children under the age of sixteen in the car.

Badges? He don't need no stinkin' badges.

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Dragonblood Hayes
Dragonblood Hayes

 Now folks let's get something straight here. First of all, you rely on the word of another party to make your assertions. A really stupid thing to do. Have YOU investigated anything?  The agency you site for information is obviously trying to sensationalize this event. They repeatedly refer to Jason Pray as "Officer" Jason Pray and ignore this Bennett person driving the other car. Here is a fact for you, Jason Pray is a trained performance driver. Another fact? HE never swayed from his track, Mr. Bennett lost control and hit Jason Pray. Who is this Bennett person? What does HE do for a living? Hell the guy could be a terrorist and your source would not give a damn because they have their own agenda here. Ruin the life of a good man. 

Jason Pray should not have been racing and with children in the car? Really stupid choice. But do your homework, find out who Bennett is. I would bet that he is the same type as Jason Pray. Just full of adrenalin. Extremely competitive. Fast to act. The VERY SAME traits you look for in a police officer! Why not show some guts and and knock off the gossip! Ask a few questions and report what you find. 

Jason should be punished and he will be. But there are very few men out there that have not been involved in a street race. Not gritted their teeth and uttered an expletive at the guy trying to crowd him out and with grim resolve held on the steering wheel and hit the throttle. How many of you ladies reading this have not done the same? 

Why not try being fair about this people? I happen to know through others that Jason Pray is a good man and a good officer. 

Your blog has no credence until you get the facts straight. 

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