Top 10 flipping the bird moments in honor of Shane Boor, whose finger case has been dropped

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giving the finger cropped.JPG
Shane Boor, who faced harassment charges for flipping off a state trooper, is free to let his finger fly again. The Colorado State Patrol requested that the matter be dropped after the ACLU let it be known the organization would defend Boor's right to express himself digitally -- just like the folks in our top 10 list of all-time bird flippers, assembled in his honor. See photos below.

Regarding the state patrol's decision to back off, here's a take by Erik Maulbetsch, campaign director for the ACLU of Colorado. "We're glad that cooler heads prevailed and decided not to charge Mr. Boor for what was clearly protected speech," he writes via e-mail. "It's only a shame that the State Patrol wasn't able to train its troopers to ignore minor gestures before they spent patrol time and taxpayer dollars on this misguided overreaction to a driver whose expression of disapproval, though impolite, simply didn't break the law."

The same goes for the following people, who shared their feelings with admirable verbal restraint.

10: Justin Bieber

justin bieber finger selena gomez.jpg
In March, the Bieb-ster apologized for showing his middle finger to a photographer horning in on his action with Disney darling Selena Gomez. But never say never!

9. Jose Maria Aznar

former spanish prime minister jose maria aznar flips off protesters while delivering an economics lecture at the university of oviedo in spain february 2010.JPG
In February 2010, former Spanish Prime MInister Aznar was trying to deliver an economics lecture at the University of Oviedo when some protesters insisted on harshing his vibe. Take that, troglodytes!

8. Ashton Kutcher

ashton kutcher flips bird at july 2009 fashion show alongside penelope cruz and demi moore.jpg
This is one of the most cheerful flip offs we've ever seen. And no wonder, since Kutcher, the only man in the world bold enough to step into Charlie Sheen's shoes, was at this July 2009 fashion show alongside wife Demi Moore and international hottie Penelope Cruz. Wouldn't you be happy, too?

7. Harry Reid

harry reid official statement on health care november 2009.JPG
Somehow, Reid became the Senate Majority Leader despite being one of the more boring men on the planet -- an inspirational example of overcoming a handicap. Then again, maybe he's more lively than people think, given this image, which began to circulate in November 2009, as the health-care debate was really heating up. Maybe he's offering to give the country a prostate check...

6. Stan Lee

stan lee bird flip 2009 spiderman premiere.jpg
The marvelous man from Marvel may be pushing ninety, but he knows how to relate to the kids, as witnessed by this flip, offered at a Spiderman premiere.

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