Ward Churchill: CU-Boulder has been worse off since prof fired no matter what Glenn Beck says

Jonathan Shikes's post about Glenn Beck calling out Ward Churchill after he turned up at a Tucson school board protest didn't prompt a slew of attacks on the controversial former CU-Boulder professor. In fact, one commenter argues that the university has slid downhill in the wake of Churchill's ouster.

Oo writes:

Ward Churchill's central thesis is basically that the USA is a colonial, imperial government, who has committed many crimes against humanity, which they have never atoned for or faced justice for .

You don't think victims of a Native American genocide would have a different point of view of 9/11 then a White man ? wow.

Ward Churchill chooses to take the position of the victim of the Native American genocide, even if he is a White Man. And people who shared his views only distanced themselves from him when it became both politically and just generally unsafe not to do so. Cowards.

Ward's only fault was becoming too cozy, and too ego driven, in what would be a gravely underestimated war he was about to walk into. He was making too much money, and was too cocky, and it led to very poor public performances.

CU has been much worse off since he has left, mostly because they had to reform the entire infrastructure of the administration (Regents, etc...) just to appease Bill Owens, Fox News, Rocky Mountain News, etc...


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 The USA frames all foreign policy issues as a matter of Good vs. Evil. 

The Evil side is always acting irrationally, with no prior historical precedent to set them off, no motive, just evil murderous intent. 

The Good US Armed Forces are like angels, sent from God to eradicate these blemishes from the Earth, at a cost of 1,000,000,000,000 a year to the American taxpayer. But it all makes sense, because in the battle of Good vs. Evil, we all know what side we are on right?

Ward Churchill saw the danger and foolishness in this way of thinking, which was spreading across the nation like the plague after 9/11, and he spoke out against it in terms that are only a fraction extreme as the mentality he was rising up against.

How many innocent people died in Iraq since 9/11? Wasn't it that same Good vs. Evil attitude that caused this? Us vs. Them, with no "What is our responsibility here?". For shame. 


Churchill is apparently not of aboriginal ancestry, yet he crafted a persona based on a promoting the victimhood of those who are.  He successfully foisted off his ill-informed and plagiarized cant as scholasticism on the University of Colorado, and was employed as the Chairman of its  Ethnic Studies Department despite lacking a doctoral degree.  The University's woes evidently predate Churchill's hiring (as opposed to follow his firing).


 -- maybe (to all those tangential points which relate to why you like Churchill), but none of that bears on whether he should have been employed as a professor (much less Department Chair) by the University of Colorado, whether they fired him appropriately, or whether (as you imply) the administration of the University has been hijacked to serve a right-wing agenda.  Ward Churchill lacks the academic qualifications and integrity to be an effective champion of these ideological points with which you identify (I have excelled myself in understatement).


Also I don't think you can "Excel yourself". You can excel at being yourself, maybe?  


It wasn't hi-jacked to serve a right wing agenda, it was re-staffed to serve an anti-Churchill agenda. 

Inadvertently, this left the wrong people in power at CU. These things are bound to happen when you are dealing with so much power, and all of a sudden you use it for an illogical, emotionally driven agenda. 

Keeping an institution like CU from going to shit is a fine art, a special skill which requires consistent, well thought out maintenance of every thread that holds it together. 

The amount of attention that is diverted from these responsibilities, in order to appease the Governor and his Newspaper and oust a tenured professor, is obviously going to be evident. 

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