Windsor cantaloupe seeds help seniors to love like teens: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

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For Denver urban gardeners, the second week of May is the most fantastic week of the year. This is the week that the chances for a frost drop dramatically and it becomes safe to plant nearly any seed. Consequently, it is the week that urban farmers experience their greatest fantasies and most heated desires...

Windsor Cantaloupe Denver County Fair Neighborhood Seed Packet Kenny Be Westword Blog.jpg

Of course, an urban farmer's most heated desire is a perfect garden, and his greatest fantasy is perfect growing season weather -- without hailstorms. For a high-altitude gardener to sustain this kind of passion throughout the summer takes a strong heart. Luckily, the growing and eating of cantaloupes can prevent heart attacks.

Cantaloupes descended from tropical plants and need lots of hot sun throughout an extended growing period. These orange-fleshed members of the melon family are a good source of vitamin C and the antioxidents that prevent heart attacks and promote prolonged romantic encounters.

Because of these qualities, cantaloupes are often referred to as "musk" melons by senior citizens and are a staple of their gardens. Developed for the Denver neighborhood with the highest median age, Windsor cantaloupe garden jumbo seeds are the perfect ones to plant for seniors who want to feel and love like teens.

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