Bike to Work Day photo gallery: Bill Vidal, Michael Hancock, John Hickenlooper... and you!

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bike to work day 2011.jpg
Big pics below.
Bike to Work Day 2011 gave Denver the opportunity to see political heavy-hitters like John Hickenlooper, Bill Vidal and Hancock, who spoke at Civic Center Park, in their cycling togs. But plenty of regular folks mounted two-wheelers, too. Photographer Kelly Kaoudis captured the action and spoke to participants, many of whom would have biked to work today whether or not there'd been an event to encourage it. Look below to check out her pics and interviews.

Photo by Kelly Kaoudis
Denver Mayor Bill Vidal spoke about city improvements that will make life easier for commuting cyclists.

Photo by Kelly Kaoudis
Mayor-elect Michael Hancock talked about the importance of taking environmentally conscious transportation and Denver programs that allow commuting choice.

Photo by Kelly Kaoudis
Governor John Hickenlooper encouraged Denverites to take their bikes.

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Politicians in shorts!  GAG!  The only thing politicians look good in are lie detectors.

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