City Park celery seeds grow the plant that everyone is stalking about: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

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Much like Denver's City Park, the celery plant has a long history of being all things to all people. While the celery plant has been used to embalm King Tut, decorate Greek athletes, flavor Italian meatballs and as a conduit for spray cheese, equally versatile City Park has been home to prismatic fountains, golfers, real pirates and screeching peacocks...

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As illustrated on the Denver Neighborhood Seed Company packet shown above, City Park celery is much more delicious and dramatic than the store-bought stuff. This stylish cultivar has tall green stalks that attract historic statuary and garden gnomes alike!

Much like life in the City Park neighborhood, seeds start growing in the heat of summer and crops will be ready to harvest when the trees around Ferril Lake reach peak autumn color.

City Park celery is easy to grow and is suitable for container gardens -- just sprinkle seeds on well-prepared soil. The particular plant produces flavorful leaves that can be used in salads and sauces, while the stalks are best used as stirring sticks for Bloody Marys.

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Plant grow
Plant grow

I've been planting celery since I've discovered that my husband is suffering from high blood pressure because I've known it's ability to lower blood pressure.

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