Dan Haley's satirical goodbye front page from his colleagues at the Denver Post

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Front page below.
The Denver Post isn't exactly known as a laugh-out-loud publication. But there are plenty of people at the paper with a great sense of humor, and we've got proof courtesy of a satirical front page produced as a goodbye gift to editorial page editor Dan Haley, who left the Post to become a bank director.

Check out the hilarious lead paragraph from the page-one editorial entitled "Haley's Bank Shot a Misfire."

When The Denver Post selected Dan Haley as editorial page editor, management thought it was getting a modern-day version of Sue O'Brien to be the next conscience of Colorado. Instead, it got saddled with a toady to Republican moneymen and a lacky to the vestiges of social policies from the 1970s -- a switch-hitting bag man for both business interests and Boulder liberals.

The chuckles don't end there. The page also includes a montage of Haley photos, including one that pictures him as Potsie of Happy Days fame; an above-the-banner reference to editor Greg Moore and publisher/de facto owner Dean Singleton that reads, "Blah Blah Blah: Dan Haley admits: 'When Greg or Dean spoke, I just tuned out;'" and a list of the "Top 11 things Dan always wanted to say," which concludes with "Fooled ya! I'm actually left of center."

The tribute page is actually something of a Post tradition, and a notably endearing one. If more items like these wound up in the actual paper, the Post might be able to give The Onion a run for its money.

Here's a look at the complete front page:

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It's actually a tradition at a lot of newspapers to do mock pages when people leave, not just the Post. Alas, there was no mock version in February 2009 when the Rocky closed, unless Dean put one together.

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