Electric Daisy Carnival in Aurora featured drug use -- and sun rises in the east (VIDEOS)

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Videos below.
For those who haven't been paying attention for the past two decades or so, drug use is common at raves. And guess what? When 7News reporters snuck in hidden cameras at the Electric Daisy Carnival's Aurora stop on June 11, they found some.

Does this qualify as news more than a week after the fact?

In some ways, yes. After all, as 7News notes, a drug overdose death at EDC's Los Angeles date preceded the tour's arrival in Colorado, and another one took place in Dallas afterward. Problem is, the station's report features the sort of shocked-grandma tone that has inspired so many younger viewers to eschew TV news in favor of alternative info sources.

Here's an example from the text version of the report:

We captured a partier taking a hit from what appeared to be a marijuana pipe where security was just moments before.

Then, despite a 21-and-up guarded alcohol tent, we witnessed underage drinking.

"Are you on anything right now?" we asked.

"Drunk a little bit," the partier responded.

"How old are you?" we asked.

"Twenty," he answered.

Oh my God! A twenty year old who's a little drunk? That's an outrage! I'm joining the Prohibition Party immediately!

In light of the two recent deaths, there are legitimate questions to be asked of the Electric Daisy Carnival's promoters, who didn't respond to 7News' inquiries. But the fact that drug use and drinking takes place at music events isn't exactly startling. Can't wait for the exposé the next time Jimmy Buffett comes to town.

Look below to see videos from the Carnival.

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Why does it matter if ravers are using drugs, that is what happens at raves...And honestly I don't think it is right for 7News to be sneaking in cameras to EDC. Yes, people are going to use drugs and have a great time, why do you care?


Sure, 7News is gathering in the shocked grandmas, but it also makes the prohibitionists seethe, and the parasite drug police calculate -- can they get some favorable coverage out of busting a few more ravegoers?

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