Elitch Gardens fireworks show lights up the night, but fizzles with some downtown residents

When Elitch Gardens first moved from northwest Denver to a new, city-subsidized home in the Platte Valley, the amusement park promised fireworks every night. But the real fireworks were set off by cranky neighbors worried about the noise, and the nightly shows fizzled. Now, sixteen years later, they're finally back.

The displays are designed to end a new, in-park lights-and-color show, Ignight, which debuted over Memorial Day weekend. The managers of the park, Herschend Family Entertainment, have been working with current Elitch owner CNL Lifestyle Properties to focus on "institutional excellence and improving things that affect every guest," spokeswoman Debbie Evans explained last month, and that includes upgrading the food, adding shows that are included with the cost of the ticket -- and giving the city a nightly fireworks display.

A few residents of Little Raven Street -- where there were no residents sixteen years ago -- haven't appreciated the gift, complaining to Elitch's management, councilwoman Judy Montero, and other city officials. But rather than ditch the show altogether, as previous managers did, the current Elitch's team has made accommodations. Even though the city's environmental department found the show's sound within Denver guidelines, the park has eliminated the "high percussive" fireworks that created the most noise.

But otherwise, the free show continues, illuminating the downtown skyline after 9 p.m. every night. Let there be light!

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'Six Flags' Elitch's' is not Gardens...You must be recalling that nice old park in West Highlands...


Dear Ms. Calhoun, Here's a Wake-Up Call.  Let me remind you that your ability to freely express an opinion supporting Elitch's fireworks is due to the protection of the U.S. Constitution.  If you would just do a little research prior to your next editorial, you would find this very same Constitution not only protects fee speech but also citizens' property rights. After only one Google search, you would see that property rights include the quiet enjoyment of what many Americans aspire to - legal ownership of a piece of land and the home upon which it is built. So, unless you have some sort of double standard, or are extremely hypocritical, might I suggest you celebrate property rights with the same type of enthusiasm as you appear to enjoy your free speech at Westword.  Personally, even though it does violate my rights, I celebrate all my freedoms every July 4th weekend by admiring the numerous fireworks displays throughout the City of Denver.  Do just one more Google search and you will find that was the originally-intended purpose of fireworks.   All other times, fireworks that infringe upon the quiet enjoyment of property earned while pursuing the ostensible dream of every American is no different than me telling you what you can say in your editorials - an egregious violation of your rights as protected by the U.S. Constitution. And I'm sure that type of violation would indeed make you a cranky neighbor.

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