HALO camera locations: The full list of where Denver Police are watching you

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In 2009, the Denver Police's High Activity Location Observation, (aka HALO) video-surveillance program, put in place for the Democratic National Convention, was re-configured to give the force 24/7 video feeds of high-crime areas around the city. The Big Brother-like operation drew criticism from police watchdogs, but the cameras were soon generating another kind of controversy, since they captured several incidents of alleged police brutality. Have the HALO cameras been watching you? Check out the official list of all 102 HALO locations below.

As expected, the majority of the cameras are positioned in the heart of downtown and LoDo in District 6, with essentially every block in and around the 16th Street Mall covered. There are also a bunch around Invesco Field and the Civic Center. Interestingly, Lincoln, Montbello and Manual high schools, and to a lesser extent East High School, boast their fair share of cameras as well.

It's also worth noting that Colfax Avenue was largely HALO free until an additional batch of HALO cameras were installed late last year. Seems to us that Denver's high-activity Main Street would've been one of the first locales to get HALOed -- it boasts some of the best people watching in the city!

Most unusual location for a camera? That might be the HALO dome at 14th and Cherokee, since that is also the location of Denver Police headquarters. As former Westword writer Jared Jacang Maher noted about this camera when he first wrote about the system, "It seems somewhat counterintuitive to locate mobile video surveillance equipment directly outside the place where you are running your surveillance operations; couldn't you just look out the window?"

Here's the HALO camera list:

halo camera locations denver.jpg
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More from our Colorado Crimes archive: "Denver police brutality scandal: A multimedia timeline."

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I lived in London several years ago and they're everywhere. CCTV at many building entrances, you can tune to a TV channel to see who's trying to get into the building. Almost everyone who goes missing is captured in the minutes before their abduction by a CCTV camera.  It's helpful, but it's also a huge invasion of privacy. The argument is, of course, you are in public, there is no privacy. Anyone could be taking your photo or video of you....which in this day, is absolutely true. I think the "People of Walmart" website is far more intrusive into privacy than street cameras are....and I prefer them to NYC's "stop and frisk" for sure. 


This list fails to show the ones in more southwest Denver by Kennedy high school.

Doktor Jon
Doktor Jon

There are indeed an awful lot of cameras in London, but no, they're not being vandalised.

As regards siting a surveillance camera outside of the monitoring centre, that most certainly is not "counter intuitive"; from a security perspective it would be surprising if there weren't more protecting the location.

Colorado Mmj Patient
Colorado Mmj Patient

They have a lot of those in London.  People have begun vandalizing them.  Maybe Denver will start too.

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