Reader: Illegal entry and residency doesn't justify busting immigrants at Father's Day fest

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents say they're focusing on criminal aliens -- and anti-immigration commenters point out that being in the U.S. without documentation is a crime. But not one big enough to justify arrests at Strawberry Days in Glenwood Springs on Father's Day, one reader believes.

Mountaingeezerco writes:

If these men had committed crimes against persons or property, why were they not arrested accordingly. We would then have had two threats to society removed from our midst. The civil violation of illegal entry and residency is not the sort of circumstance that warrants a public bust at a local festival on Father's Day. The collusion of the Garfield sheriff and ICE reeks of attitude and ignorance, not professionalism and protection of the public.

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So the cops are the bad guys..Really? That's just so wrong. Sure most of the people rounded up probably aren't cold hearted killers. The folks at Enron who got busted aren't either. But they both broke the law. They both were taking away from the public by their actions. No real difference when it comes down to it. Illegal is Illegal, how the cops grab the real bad guys is irrelevant as long as it's inside the law. The "free big game tickets" scam is still one of the best. Raiding Christmas @ Grandmother's house works as well. Illegal is Illegal. If you don't want anyone to witness your 'getting busted' moment, don't break the law. Pretty simple. Most of us don't have to worry about it 'cause we don't break the law. Others have to look over their shoulders. Good decisions are fairly easy to make.


if you want to be an american transplant be sure your gilfriend is pregnant befor you get picked up, go straight to social securitie  in glen wood  and applie  for every thing all applications are available in espanuel for our border pals. they don't make it as clear for we who have paid for 30 - 40  years Viva Newmexico  stnd on imigration


Whose fault is it that they got arrested?

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