Reader: Lisa Norton, hit-and-swim driver in fatal crash, deserves prayers, too

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Lisa Norton.
The story of Lisa Norton, accused hit-and-swim driver in a crash that took the life of Gabriel Nielsen and badly injured his sister and infant daughter, has spawned plenty of strong comments.

Here's a post from a reader who offers sympathy to Norton's family as well as Nielsen's.

Eshiel writes:

I agree. Someone's life can change in a matter of seconds. Lisa is a very kind, loving and talented person and I know she is suffering. I understand the anger because of what happened and the things that have happened since March. But sometimes you head down a path and don't realize where it is taken you until it is too late. I will pray for the family of the victims and Lisa's family. They are all suffering.

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I am praying this stupid selfish bitch ends up in prison for the rest of her life-where she can't ever hurt anyone ever again. she obviously has no conscience whatsoever-nor does she seem able to learn from her MANY mistakes over time. Of course she is suffering-she KILLED someone. Why are these people always defended as being loving and kind AFTER THEY KILL SOMEONE and miraculously they are also totally irresponsible and dangerous? wtf?! In her selfishness and inability to take responsibility for her actions she has robbed a family of a loved one and robbed a child of her father FOREVER. She deserves nothing but prison, not prayers.


I went to high school with Lisa.  She would never in a sober manner want to hurt ANYONE! Alcohol and drugs do horrible things to people.  She has a conscience...if she didn't,, do you think they would have had her under suicide watch? I haven't spoke to her, but I know this is killing her.  I am not defending her actions.  What happened was truly tragic and was completely preventable.  But, she does need our prayers, just like the other victim's family.  How do you think her family feels? Again, I know what she did was wrong and it has robbed that little girl of her daddy, but EVERYONE deserves prayers.  


I went to high school with her  too and she came from a good family and she was a good person and I agree with MPope too she wouldnt have done this in her right state of mind. Steve if you would have known her im sure you wouldnt be quite as mad with her but stuff happens sometimes to people who dont deserve it.Believe me I understand where you coming from though.I have a niece who was hit by a drunk driver  and nearly killed her and I know how it feels cause she will never be the niece I once knew and im angry too dude but every story has two sides so keep that in mind Steve.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Thanks for sharing your memories and experiences, Bobbymac. Much appreciated.

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