Michael Bennet says ID laws disenfranchise legit voters while searching for bogus ones

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michael bennet photo.jpg
Michael Bennet.
These three Denver blog posts swam into our 'net.

Colorado Independent's Scot Kersgaard on Michael Bennet's request that the Department of Justice look closely at voter-ID laws he thinks may disenfranchise thousands.

At Colorado Education News, Sabrina Stevens Shupe weighs in on the intellectually lazy use of "status quo."

Denver Frank shows off the AutoWed vending machine. It does!

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And Bennet's right.

The lower the turnout, the better it bodes for conservatives.

To repubs, the perfect scenario is a totally unqualified conservative candidate winning because thousands, in some elections millions of perfectly eligible voters were denied the right to vote.

It's how Hoover got in in'28,, Bush in'00 and '04, and it's how the repubs have to do it in the post electronic voting machine age.

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