Michael Hancock has shortest honeymoon ever thanks to ex-Denver Players king Scottie Ewing

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When I picked up the Denver Post yesterday, with the big headline "Nothing incriminating in Hancock cell records" across the top of the front page, I was quickly transported back to the first edition of the Cornell Daily Sun I helped edit, when the night editor insisted the headline on a story about another kind of wreck entirely be "Nobody Killed in Plane Crash." That headline was soundly mocked the next morning, and remains a classic journalistic botch.

Nobody was killed, either, in this current wreck of a story about how a man using the excellent porn name of "Michael Handcock" may, or may not, have used the services of a prostitute several times a few years ago.

Nobody was killed, but some reputations bit the dust. And mayor-elect Michael Hancock had the shortest honeymoon in history.

The irony is that the source of the original story didn't have much of a reputation to lose; Scottie Ewing, the former owner of the Denver Players/Denver Sugar escort service, currently on house arrest in a plea deal on charges of tax evasion stemming from the sale of that business. Westword got to know Ewing back in 2006, when we published Jared Jacang Maher's story on competition between the city's swingers clubs, one of them run by Ewing. The next year, I sat in a Denver courtroom to watch Ewing face off against his former landlord -- who'd been surprised to find a swingers' club in her building.

The judge that day was almost as surprised when Ewing whipped out a laptop covered with photos of naked women.

I don't know if this was the laptop that Ewing says was stolen from his home on June 6, along with the documents that showed "Michael Handcock" had used his company's services; Westword was one of the only media outlets in town that wasn't invited to see them.

Nobody was killed in this wreck that may not have been much of a news story -- but it promises to become a journalistic case study for years to come.

More from our Calhoun: Wake-Up Call archive: "Michael Hancock, Denver mayor-elect, tells supporters of 'the most vicious attack yet.'"

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Michael Hancock knew what he was getting into when he entered politics. Whether or not he's ever been with a prostitute is irrelevant.  This is politics Mr. Mayor, it's what you signed up for.  Suck it up.


... that may not have been much of a news story

Wow, glad to hear you finally admit this. Because all your previous columns on this non-story sure didn't convey that.


Huh?  The Denver Post editorial today whines about how Peter Boyles was "casually smearing good journalists."   Really?  From the guys who went to press with a story that smeared and branded our new Mayor as a 'John' with absolutely no credible evidence?  Holy crap!  How much more twisted can this get?  Boyles smearing reporters for not doing ENOUGH smearing of a guy who has done nothing wrong???   My head hurts.  We're better than this, Denver.


Is it really that hard for the media to obtain and release the lists after 3 years? Take all these power-brokers down!

Kay Sieverding
Kay Sieverding

The Department of Interior reports about the Minerals Management Service misconduct in DENVER specifically mentioned prostitutes. AND the Department of Interior dated the misconduct between 2002 and 2006, when the Denver Players brothel was in operation.  Therefore the public should be able to find out if there was involvement between the Denver Players brothel and the Minerals Management Service.

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