Plastic bag ban: If Basalt leads the charge, can Aspen be far behind?

In Colorado, degenerate urbanites are used to letting our mountain towns take the lead when it comes to killjoy environmental reforms, such as restricting the use of gas grills or parking spaces. So it figures that the green-leaning town of Basalt is proposing to get tough on plastic bag sinners.

Basalt's town council doesn't prefer paper or plastic. On Monday, that venerable body approved the idea of developing an ordinance that would discourage the use of either one, aiming a 20-cent-per-bag surcharge at any shoppers careless enough to forget to bring their own reusable, presumably hemp-lined totes.

Last fall, Telluride became the first municipality in the state to ban plastic bags entirely, while sticking paper bag users with a 10-cent-per-bag fee. Basalt's proposal doubles down on that action, allowing shoppers to continue to use politically incorrect plastic provided they're prepared to shell out the extra dough.

According to this account in the Aspen Times, Basalt Mayor Leroy Duroux and others think it might be unwise to proceed with a unilateral crusade against plastic, since disgruntled shoppers could decide to buy their pita and sprouts elsewhere. But members of the town's "Green Team" want to move ahead, hoping that Aspen and the rest of the Roaring Fork Valley will follow suit.

Activists regard the bags as a landfill nuisance and a danger to wildlife. The bag industry has maintained that figures of marine deaths from bags have been greatly exaggerated. San Francisco has had tight restrictions on plastic bags for years, and countries ranging from Ireland to China have imposed their own bans, citing the enormous use of petroleum in manufacturing the bags.

Many details of Basalt's proposal have yet to be worked out, but there's been some discussion of using some of the revenue from the surcharge to help supply reusable bags. And maybe some gingko biloba as well, to help enlightened consumers remember to bring the bags with them when they go shopping.

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You people are missing the point all around theres a faction of people that don't respect thier own country , and have little or no respect for ours ,they are here for the money and  thier gangs will kill for it            WAKE UPAnd they cant afford to pay the trash removal in this I have watched  espanics  well featured people clean homes brand new cars and trucks children driving around in electoric toy cars momma with food stamps dady works for a local espanic masonry co. with land holdings at sweetwater , can you guess the name. they stand in line and send thier money to mex, the cartels send over seers up here to manage things and when they get busted . they avoid prison because they ar not US cit,

stew on this , have you ever had a leach attach itself to you

Teen laqueefa
Teen laqueefa

I've been reusing the same plastic bag for years!


Basalt is smart in their thinking and a leader for sure!  I am sure all the towns in the CO mountains will ban plastic bags at some point.  It is just a matter of time.



Being curious by nature, I had the opportuniy to dig in an old town dump- about a hundred years old.  You'd not believe what was found buried under six or eight inches of cold damp soil. Newspapers.  Yep, and if you let them dry, perfectly readable. So, paper is as bad as plastic.  Oh me what is a body to do??? I know just like gramma moses, burlap bags.  By the way, that doesn't melt into the gound nor does fabric.. HMMM pondering!!!!!

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