Same-sex couples and same-sex parents: Maps, charts show where in Colorado most, least live

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gay census map.jpg
Where the couples are.
In 2010, there were 16,114 same-sex couples living in Colorado, according to the U.S. Census. That's an increase from 2000, when 10,045 same-sex couples told Uncle Sam about their relationships. Now, the California-based sexual orientation think tank The Williams Institute has taken the 2010 data from several states -- including Colorado -- and made it into helpful color-coded maps and pie charts.

Unsurprisingly, the charts reveal that Denver has the most same-sex couples: 4,523. Also unsurprisingly, Boulder ranks second with 441. But the ratio of same-sex households to non-same-sex households in Lafayette is higher than in Boulder, making that city the most same-sex-household-y in Boulder County.

The maps provide an interesting look at Colorado's counties. For example, they show that there are a lot more lesbian households in southeast Prowers County than gay male households -- and that the opposite is true for northeast Phillips County.

gay census county map_female.jpg
The Williams Institute

gay census county map_male.jpg
The Williams Institute

Another map shows the percentage of same-sex couples raising children in each county. It seems that the folks in Moffat County are more eager to settle down than those in Denver.

same-sex parents map.jpg
The Williams Institute

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This is very interesting data. I am actually surprised at Denver being in the lead.

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