Newhouse Hotel reportedly sex offender central & conveniently located opposite Capitol

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The most recent sweeps period, when ratings determine TV ad rates, ended in May -- but last night, 9News unleashed a blockbuster anyhow.

The station reports that the Newhouse Hotel, across the street from the State Capitol, is the registered home of no fewer than eleven sex offenders.

Why such a high concentration of folks with convictions for crimes such as forced oral copulation involving a weapon? One source-- Chris Lobanov-Rostovsky, a program manager for the Division of Criminal Justice Sex Offender Management Board -- suggests that the state may have subsidized housing at the hotel for just-released sex offenders. But if such a plan exists, neither hotel reps nor nearby residents seem to have heard anything about it.

Yes, we all know the area has a seedy reputation. But it's also a magnet for tourist families and school kids on field trips -- and with Governor John Hickenlooper so focused on tourism, he can't be pleased with the thought that out-of-towners may now think twice about checking out the golden dome. Here's 9News' report:

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Light Rail Tattler
Light Rail Tattler

They live there along with other felons who can't rent an apartment anywhere due to .com instant background checks and same is true for employment; they can walk to Ready Dog Labor, where Jim Hanifin hires convicts. The owner of the Newhouse Hotel runs a tight ship.


So tell me, why are so many living there?  Because of draconian residency laws, that is why.  You get rid of the residency laws, which don't work, and nobody has proven they do work, and this would not be an issue anymore.

I thought it was the medias job to report the facts and non-biased?  Guess not!


Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Interesting post, Tattler. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Strong take, SOIssues. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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