Shark-chicken and the good and bad of alley fence art: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

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Congress Park Orca Fence with Mechanical Crow Mobile tree sculpture Kenny Be Westword Blog Head.jpg
Congress Park: Mechanical crow mobile suspended above an ocean mural.

Privacy fencing provides yard artists a secure area in which to create and display yard art projects that might not otherwise be ready for a full front-yard showing. As the photograph above demonstrates, alley fencing is an especially good canvas for experimenting with art styles and subjects that might be considered a bit too fishy by the neighbors...

Congress Park Orca Fence with mechanical crow mobile Kenny Be Westword Blog.jpg
Congress Park: Shark chicken pursued by burrito whales.

The art in the photograph above perfectly illustrates how alley fence art separates the good from the bad. In this backyard, an area typically used for playgrounds and clutter, the yard artist has pushed the limits of available materials and skill level to create a yard-art assemblage that is so bad that it has to be good.

The choice of colors and found objects suggests that the sculpture hanging from the tree is a rare species of shark-chicken. The modeling of the mammals on the fence mural indicates these creatures are obese humpback whales, or foil-wrapped burritos with fins.

Below, the tangled webs of back alley fence art...

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