Tim Tebow draft choice proves not everything Josh McDaniels did as Broncos coach was stupid

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Josh McDaniels.
Denver blog posts made for Monday.

If Tim Tebow really is the second coming, Mile High Report's Ian Henson thinks it's unfair to brand Josh McDaniels an idiot.

Geeks Who Drink ask the eternal question: Who says the second time isn't as good as the first?

Three words from an Unseen Denver post: "Take that, society!!"

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T-Man Stands
T-Man Stands

Bet the house and the car ---- Tebow will be traded as soon as the NFL lockout ends, be it in August or September or October.  He is Jacksonville, Miami, Tennessee, or Carolina bound .....

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Strong statement, T-Man -- one deserving of being an upcoming Comment of the Day. Thanks for posting.


Really Michael? I could not think of a more stupid, ignorant comment to make. Carolina? They have cam newton and jimmy clausen.

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