Reader: Tim Tebow was one of Josh McDaniels's mistakes, but Broncos will be rid of him soon

Yesterday's Denver Blogs roundup featured a post noting the contradictions inherit in fans who hate Josh McDaniels but love Tim Tebow, who the ex-coach drafted.

One reader appears to feel the same about both of them. His comment:

T-Man Stands writes:

Bet the house and the car -- Tebow will be traded as soon as the NFL lockout ends, be it in August or September or October. He is Jacksonville, Miami, Tennessee, or Carolina bound...

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Some people just don't get Tim Tebow.  He is exactly what he comes across as, the most energetic dedicated player you will ever meet.  He is a role model to be emulated by many of the thugs in professional sports.  Don't get hung up on his religious beliefs or his opposition to abortion ( his mother was pressured to abort him but she didn't ).  He will work hard and provide leadership and enthusiasm in his role, whether starting or on the bench.  He is able to motivate players at all levels.  Just watch him and marvel at what he is able to accomplish. Don't bash him unless deserved.  He hasn't really had a chance yet.  Very few Rookies are able to make an impact in the first year and many not for several years into their career.


Fair enough.


His religious beliefs, his anti-choice preference for women, his conservative bent politically and his nice guy image don't translate into having a professional level ability to play quarterback any more than they deter from it.

What's actually killing this very likeable kid's chance at succeeding at this level is something of his own making.................his lack of commitment to getting better at his self professed chosen calling.............playing quarterback.

He's way behind two veterans tangibility wise, he lacks the arm strength necessary to compete every series, has 3 games experience, and he's on a nation wide book tour, working out sporadically, while his competition, allready ahead of him. is getting better every day.

I don't think competing, excelling, working hard to get better and playing football is his passion.

But I do think saying it

One thing's for sure, and that's that we will see.


Idiots get print everyday. Bet the house and car - don't make me laugh!!

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

I gather you won't be making that bet, DenverScener. Thanks for the post.

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