Tim Tebow scores with God and football in new memoir, but where are all the ladies?

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Tim Tebow.
Shanahan was fired, McDaniels was forgotten, and now it's up to new head coach John Fox to bring home a Super Bowl title... or is it? With so many changing faces in the Denver franchise as of late, there's only one that fans seem to be rallying behind: Tim Tebow. The Tebester may come from a Florida Gators background, but now he loves the Broncos -- and a certain Heavenly Creator, as he repeatedly makes clear in his new memoir, Through My Eyes.

Released yesterday, the book finds the Mile-High Messiah, as ESPN has branded him, chronicling details about the majority of his life. Yep, everything from Tebow getting bit by the football bug to his experience with homeschooling to his family history of dyslexia (he has it) is contained in 260 pages. However, so are numerous -- and "numerous" is a huge understatement -- references to what this messiah values most: his parents and siblings, his friends and, above all else, God.

The Big G is definitely one of the book's stars. In a majority of the early chapters, he mentions his Christian beliefs at least once per paragraph. He even starts each chapter with a Bible verse -- and in chapter three, he uses the word "God," "Lord," "Him" or "Christ" 24 times, as well as "blessed" and "miracle" (or derivations of) five times more. Counting the number of times these terms pop up throughout the entire book would be possible but tedious -- unless you have God's help, we bet the Tebester would proclaim.

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Granted, there is quite a bit of juicy information in Tebow's memoir, but only if you're a Broncos fan (who isn't?!), a die-hard follower of the Mile-High Messiah's legacy or someone looking to make connections between the role one's faith plays in sports, if any.

We get little teasers about other aspects of Tebow's life at the University of Florida : "This one girl, in addition to being really attractive, was talented and bright. Everything she did was awesome, and she had a hysterical sense of humor" and "Butchie Rowley, a good friend and fellow teammate, invited me to go to a movie with him and a girl he knew from high school... Butchie is a guy who shares my principles of how I think Christ wants us to relate to women -- with respect, first and foremost." There are also details about Tebow's first NFL start: "I wanted to write a scripture verse somewhere for that game, but couldn't use my eye black because it was against NFL rules. Instead I wrote it on my wristband, under my plays, and tweeted it that morning to my Twitter followers."

Okay, but where is all of the juicy stuff, Tim Tebow? Why not tell us what we all want to know, like: Are you really saving sex for marriage? (Most likely.) Are you truly as overwhelmingly inspiring as you come across? (Watch out, Oprah: He has his own charity, the Tim Tebow Foundation.) And, as you touch upon in the afterword, are you actually excited about working with Coach Fox, or are you just being a good sport?

If the NFL lockout continues to drag on without resolution, the Tebester may have time to write another book. Next time around, we can only hope he substitutes co-writer Nathan Whitaker for someone like Perez Hilton. Only then might we get answers to the questions so many of us have been Googling since Tebow was first drafted for the Broncos.

Tebow will be signing copies of Through My Eyes this Saturday at 4 p.m. at the Tattered Cover in LoDo, at 1628 16th Street.

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Haters going to hate!


Here's the problem, the fly in the ointment, the catch, the rain on the parade.

Paige's column last week all but called Elway's dissatisfaction with the young dynamo at the defcon 5 level. When the guy you're supposed to please  says you're not any further along in your developement than you were at this time a year ago, you need to put down your distractions and get your ass to work.

Here's a kid that a franchise put its' credibility on the line to draft, a guy who's quarterback abilities transferred to late round or post draft free agent quality, too busy with his other "priorities", to get into the off season system.

True, with the lockout it's definitely different in terms of workout options, but the franchise no doubt has a contingency plan to get their quarterbacks ready.

Orton's here and he's working out. He's already got Tebow beat in ability, experience, and proven leadership qualities. Now, he's the guy here, doing what he's supposed to, and Tebow's not.

The specter of Tebow at the post draft interviews, gym bag in full view of the camera, spouting he's gonna get a workout in right after the spot, is still fresh in the minds of all fans that follow the team closely. The difference in those boasts about making up for lack of ability to play quarterback by "outworking my competition" stand in sharp contrast with the effort he's actually putting forth.

This guy reminds me of Sarah Palin, just not as mean.  


And gators are gonna gate!


Your post finally defines a lot... I look for people like you who actually know what they're talking about and you clarified it more than anyone in the world could ever do... The media is all over Tebow, trying to make him look good and Orton look bad... Every interview and article I read its about how Tebow is working hard and what not and how he is performing so much better this offseason than anyone else... Its pathetic to say the least. You're 100% right on the post-workout thing too. It seems like the media has to make a big deal about everytime the guy works out... I feel bad for Orton as a Broncos fan.... I seem to be one of very few people here in Denver that see the value in him and how hes going to wind up somewhere else because of the media and how fans are being fed the wrong information. I mean there is no way Tebow can live up to the expectations people have set on him... He is going to wind up as just another average college QB entering the NFL. I have seen Orton do nothing wrong with Denver and people need to stop looking at the QB position because it hasn't been the problem. Ortons been in Denver working out with players and what not, Tebow has been down south away from the team and organization for at least most of the offseason thus far... I like Tebow off the field because he is a great character guy, but Orton deserves better from us fans here in Denver and we can't just throw him out because we THINK Tebow can be a starter.... Orton has already proven it so why not let him run out the remainder of his contract?

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

The Tebow-Palin comparison is one that would never have occurred to me. Thanks for the post, Eric.


Thanks Kyle, but you were on this thing before I was and you articulated it every bit as well.

Bottom line, in my opinion, is that Elway knows how to play the position. He'll make a decision as to who'll play it here, this year, based on professional standards. John Fox no doubt came on board knowing Tebow's a problem and that Elway's got his back.

With every other position in flux, as you've said a half dozen times, quarterback doesn't have to be an issue. Orton can compete, hold up his end and move the ball, keeping the defense off the field. Tebow's not an every series competitor, and in my opinion, never will be. Why make a position just another headache if you don't have to?

This isn't personal, it's about putting the best players on the field.

Tebow does himself no favors doing this multi city book tour while the other guy's trying to get better.

It's about time these tebow timers just thinking beyond the "I want Tebow" stage and start rooting for the team to get better and compete.

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