Tim Tebow's Through My Eyes book tour stops include Hannity & The Daily Show! (VIDEO)

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Video below.
Tim Tebow's book Through My Eyes is filled with stories about faith, football, faith, family and faith, in that order -- and he's promoting it with the same kind of pumped-up enthusiasm that marks his play. He's already appeared on an extended segment of Sean Hannity's Fox News program: see it below. And tonight, he'll have a very different forum -- on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

The Hannity chat finds Tebow delivering the sort of lines moms love, generally while wearing one of his two favorite expressions: Perma-Grin or Touched By an Angel. He declares that his ultimate goal is to be a good role model; that he fights off temptation with assists from his religious foundation and a strong support staff (don't you dare try making a joke about the word "staff"!); that he thinks other athletes respect him for his pro-Christian declarations because he's also passionate about sports; and that he appeared in a pro-life Focus on the Family Super Bowl ad in tribute to his special relationship with his mom, who believed in him even when doctors told her he might be a tumor instead of a baby. He also touts the Tim Tebow Foundation, declaring, "I want my legacy to be with the kids I impacted, not the football fields I played on."

A nice sentiment, to be sure -- but thousands of Broncos fans are hoping he can make a mark in both places. Here's the Hannity clip.

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I love this guys attitude! Crazy liberals try to make him out to be a nut, but the more they trash him the better he looks! God bless Tim Tebow!


15 years?

How about 15 plays.

At that level nobody has time to teach the basic footwork, hand-eye, drops, reads, you name it

If a player doesn't have the basics down now, after over a year in the system, a guy that's too busy to do what he has to do to close that huge gulf between Orton and himself,, they'll play the guy that has the position under control.

Right or wrong, the franchise's most important decision maker is not satisfied with Tebow's work ethic.. They are saying, and you don't need to be an insider to read it, that it's hard to be the first one there and the last one to leave, the hardest worker, and the guy that wants it the most when you're not there.


The NFL's a business, not a non-profit that plays a "nice kid with the right values" .

And you should go back and look at what Elway did before you presume to know anything about him. Getting nasty and foul mouthed doesn't make a better case for Tebow, and it makes you look like an idiot.

And slighting the guy that's generally accepted as one of the 3 to 5 best quarterbacks in the history of pro football...........that's called opening your mouth and removing all doubt that you'e exactly that.  


"First one there, last one to leave".?

The guy"s on a book tour!

Orton's here, and he's working out every day.



No one has the right to judge... thats for God and God only. What ever happens is going to happen. And you really can't be saying anything if you haven't gone though all the extensive training those athletes go though. Whether any of you like it or not they are all role models in their own ways... God has a plan and how about we stop trying to guess it or make it for anyone and just let him do it. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

B Atkins63
B Atkins63

Orton is there for a 45min. photo op. Tebow works out 7 - 7.5 hrs per day, no matter where he is. I've heard Orton doesn't show up unless a camera is there. Ol' Mr. 3-20 himself.



Even if it was 7-7.5, as you're guessing, he's not getting better playing the quarterback position. If he were, Elway wouldn't have said, and I quote, "Tim's not any farther along than he was at this time last year".

That means after 3 full games experience, a full year to get coached up, and every opportunity to get better, he's no better.

Wake up pal, you've been had.

Orton's a pro. 70 snaps a game, 75 games experience, he knows exactly what he has to do to succeed at the top level, and he's getting better every day.

Who ever told you he's not gave you bad info.

Or maybe you're one of those Tebow timers that admires his image so much that you want him to succeed no matter how talent challenged at the quarterback position he is.

If that's the case, you'll be booing as loud, maybe louder when all the sizzle fails to form into steak. 

B Atkins63
B Atkins63

How the frick does the horse tooth jackass know how Tebow is doing? After all, they cannot have contact with each other. Oh, I get it, your an inside man and are too busy swinging off of Orton's nutless jock. Tebow did beter in 3 starts than Elway did his entire rookie season.

How about we give Tebow 15 years before we call him a failure. You know, where Elway was headed before his 15th & 16th year.

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