Top 18 mug shots of May 2011

Categories: Crime

ashley nicole bradford mug shot cropped 2.JPG
Big pics below.
In most of our monthly mug shot roundups, dudes far outnumber women -- but not in May. This time around, females narrowly take the prize in cases involving everything from a machete robbery at a medical marijuana dispensary to an alleged prostitution scheme run through high-end strip clubs.

Look below to see the photos -- and click on the names to get the whole story.

trevor morris mug shot.JPG
Trevor Morris.

ashley nicole bradford mug shot.jpg
Ashley Bradford.

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I look at it this way, only losers would pay for any kind of sex, especially with these 4 beasts. Theres to many honeydips out there to be payin for it. All pimps are losers who have to intimidate women to get off and to justify there small balls!!!

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