Reader: Abigail Suber has something in common with Dominique Strauss-Kahn

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Abigail Suber.
Our most recent Shmuck of the Week, Abigail Suber, is accused of threatening to call immigration on a driver who got into an accident with her. But one reader feels it's premature to cast judgment on her -- and to defend this point, she brings up the name of a considerably more famous person whose accuser has come under close scrutiny of late.

Sari writes:

"Getting into a car accident sucks, but extorting people makes you a shmuck." You know, I would rather let someone, maybe a judge, maybe a jury, decide whether a person is guilty of a crime than a reporter for Westword. In fact, this case reminds me very much of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the French former head of IMF. He had more power than the other party, who was Latino, and in the US on shaky immigration grounds. In both cases the police arrested the one with more power and the media declared him, and now her, guilty. If indeed a bad check was written by Mr. Holguin, then the cases have one more similarity: both "victims" had financial motives to lie.

If this article is labeling this woman a schmuck, might it be political correctness run amuck?

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Hey Sari, Strauss-Kahn's accuser was from Guinea, West Africa.  Did you think she is Latina because she is a maid?

Thanks for confirming that the first line of defense for a racist is "political correctness run amuck."


That's overly harsh and unfair, Jesus. The fact is, according to federal estimates, 76 percent of illegal immigrants in the United States are from Latin America, including nearly 60 percent from Mexico. I doubt Sari's mistake was because the woman was a maid -- though not many illegal immigrants are CEOs or bank managers, in my experience -- but rather it's rooted in simple statistics, so I think you owe her an apology.

If Abigail is found guilty she will have something else in common with the person she hit. They are both breaking the law.I'm not an anti-immigration zealot, but I wish someone would explain to me why the immigration law is so quickly dismissed as not a law people should have to follow. I hope they both get in trouble, if they are both proven to be lawbreakers. Abigail's legal status is yet to be proven. This other guy, let's see his documents and decide if he is a lawbreaker. As I said, if he had followed the law in the first place, the insurance companies would have already settled this and we wouldn't be talking about it. Two wrongs shouldn't make one of them right.


Hardly.  I'll see your attempted statistical justification, and raise you one;

Suber threatened immigration action without knowing the immigration status of her victim, assuming that because the victim is Latino, the odds are with her that he is illegal.  However, according to the 2010 US Census, the Hispanic population of the US is 50 million.  The number widely tossed around by anti-immigrationists is that there are 10 to 11 million illegal immigrants in the country...of all ethnic origins.  Using your statistics (of 76% being Latino), that leaves only  7.5 to 8 million hispanic illegal immigrants.  Consequently, there is only a 15% chance that Suber's victim is here illegally.  For her, you, and Sari to believe a 15% chance justifies the assumption that the victim is illegal means that she, you, and Sari owe me, Suber's victim, and the rest of the population that refrains from assuming a person of hispanic origin is an illegal immigrant, an apology.

You'll be happy to know that I'll temper my initial post based upon the statistical calculations performed above.  Because their assumptions could have been 15% accurate, Sari and Suber are only 85% racist.

Finally, the name "Suber" sounds suspiciously Swedish.  Could she be here illegally?  Given the oppressive socialist Swedish regime and the likelihood she'd seek freedom in America, we're going to need to see her papers.



Suber is a shmuck for letting him off the hook by not calling the police, letting him con her by writing a bad check, and then committing extortion over a few hundred dollars, but not for "assuming a person of hispanic origin is an illegal immigrant" as you claim.  This guy apparently didn't speak a word of english and had no drivers license.  Where do YOU honestly that likely means vis a vis his immigration status?

I'll tell you what the lesson is beyond 'dont be an extorting moron,' and that is if you're involved in a traffic altercation and the guy has no license, call the cops.  It'll suck for him if he is illegal, but thats his problem. 

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Strong take, Jesus. Thanks for breaking down the percentages.

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