Adam Schefter's tweets about NFL collective bargaining agreement by July 21: Legit?

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adam schefter.jpg
Adam Schefter.
Denver blog posts are multiplying.

Predominantly Orange's Chris Krier sees credibility in optimistic CBA tweets by ESPN's Adam Schefter. Are you ready for some football?

Square State's saindenver: If you want to change the direction, get involved.

WhoSaidYouSaid's Kelly Maher shops Walmart for candy and ammo. Take that, lefties.

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If Schefter's saying it, it's probably close. Or at least there's a reason it's being floated.

He's to the NFL what Caplis is to the repubs. A mouthpiece, a conduit through which the organization supplies information to the zealots, the diehards, the true believers.

He got in good with the league back when he was covering Denver and jojo ellis was running the "you'll lose your football team unless you supply the millionaire owner with a fully taxpayer funded, for private profit stadium" con that worked on 13 franchises, Denver included.

So yah, it's probably true, or little Adam wouldn't have been trotted out to say it.

Vill Robinson
Vill Robinson

Not sure you need to keep providing proof of what an imbecile Kelly Maher is, but thanks anyway.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Strong take as always, Eric. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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