Capitol Hill Cannabis indica plants produce the legendary Mile High: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

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Of all of the competitions at the first ever Denver County Fair (held from July 28 through 31, 2011, in the Expo and Stadium Halls of the National Western Complex), the most prized Blue Ribbon should go to Denver's most prized crop -- Capitol Hill cannabis indica...

Capitol Hill Cannabis Denver County Fair Neighborhood Seed Company Kenny Be Westword Blog.jpg

As illustrated on the Denver Neighborhood Seed Company seed packet shown above, Capitol Hill Cannabis indica is different than all other Colorado farm crops because of its dependence on buildings. Indoor grow rooms can be found in the basements, attics and back bedrooms of Capitol Hill buildings from Broadway to Downing Street.

Broad-leafed Capitol Hill Cannabis indica plants were introduced to Denver by beat-generation poets and later cultivated by hippies for the production of Capitol Hill People's Fair Hashish.

Pharmacologically, the plant has a higher cannabidiol content than sativa strains and creates a body buzz that is beneficial in pain relief and the treatment of insomnia. Because of the history of breeding, Capitol Hill Cannabis indica is well-suited for growing in apartment buildings named for poets, women and exotic travel destinations.

Find the Denver Neighborhood Seed Company Seed Packet for your neighborhood: 16th Street Mall Swiss Chard, Alamo Placita arugula, Athmar Park fennel, Baker green peas, Bear Valley Watercress, Belcaro broccoli rabe, Berkeley broccoli, Cheesman cucumber, City Park celery, Clayton sweet potato, Cole pole bean, Congress Park cauliflower, Country Club cabbage, East Colfax okra, Elyria-Swansea heirloom tomato, Five Points beets, Hale kale, Highland Hops, Lincoln Park Asparagus, Mar Lee sweeties cherry tomatoes, Marston crookneck squash, North Capitol Hill carrot, Park Hill pumpkin, Ruby Hill habenero, Sloan Lake purple pop top turnip, Stapleton Brussels sprout, Sun Valley horseradish, Sunnyside sunflower, University Hills parsnip, Valverde tomatillo, Wash Park condo corn, Washington Virginia Vale watermelon, West Colfax kohlrabi, Westwood zucchini, and Windsor cantaloupe.

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Right Reverend Gregory Karl Da
Right Reverend Gregory Karl Da

Caught this post on the Google news feed this morning and like this. Now, can I bum a poster? Google me baby, this ministries shipping address is all over the Net. We are rocking the Georgia Composite Medical Board. Free the weed!

Remember Ken Gorman
Remember Ken Gorman

Excellent - LOL! Don't forget the most important variety - the Ken Gorman strain - named for longtime Colorado marijuana activist and Capitol Hill resident mysteriously killed after 9News "outed" him as being caregiver for more than one patient. Viva Kenny Be and Viva Ken Gorman!

Kenny Be
Kenny Be

Hi Boulder Med Cannabis,

I have printed a few Capitol Hill Cannabis indica posters. They are 24 inches high x 19 inches wide. I will be selling them at the Denver County Fair at the National western Complex on July 28 through July 31, 2011. They ill be available, along with postcard prints of 29 of the other Denver Neighborhood Seed packet artwork.

Thanks for asking!Kenny Be

Kenny Be
Kenny Be

Hi Marina!

I couldn't go to the basement at Downing Street because I was Kyle's designated driver that night. Otherwise, I would probably still be down there. So cool in the summer. Also wanted to check out your drill press.

Kate Beal
Kate Beal

Kenny Be!  Where can I buy the postcard prints??  I love them!Kate

Boulder Med Cannabis
Boulder Med Cannabis

unfortunately I'll be out of town next weekend. hopefully I'll see you somewhere else. I've enjoyed the entire series! cheers

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