Reader: Charles Farrar sex-assault charge raises questions even after stepdaughter recanted

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In a feature article and multiple blog posts, Alan Prendergast has explored the story of Charles Farrar, who remains in jail on sex crime charges based on allegations his stepdaughter has now recanted.

The case leaves one reader with more questions.

Nori Benz writes:

Where has there been anything written about his other victims? If he's done this before (and it can be proven), chances are that he's lying and that his stepdaughter was coerced by family members to recant. If there are no records of him doing this before, I would be at the point I am now, wondering when, if ever, the girl told the truth.

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Alan Prendergast
Alan Prendergast

Guest,I notice you never responded to my question about your possible affiliation with the Arapahoe District Attorney's Office. For the record, I have no relationship to anyone in the Farrar story -- thanks for another cheap smear. And, as noted in my earlier response, the prior allegations aren't "buried" in the article. They never were proven, and the testimony of the accusers, which I have thoroughly reviewed, is contradictory and ambiguous at best (repeated intercourse and possible sodomy of a five-year-old, with no physicial evidence reported at the time and based on a "recovered memory" years later). The prosecution used that testimony at Farrar's trial as a kind of where-there's-smoke strategy...but it was never established to be anything more than smoke. That Sacha raised sexual abuse allegations years later isn't proof that Farrar committed the earlier alleged acts, but it isn't coincidence, either; it indicates Sacha was paying attention when a social worker investigating the Illinois allegations questioned her in 1998. Sacha denied at that time that Farrar had done anything to her. She now says that visit helped her give her the idea for making her own accusations.

Bottom line: Farrar was never charged with anything in Illinois, much less convicted. Whatever happened there, if anything, is hardly sufficient proof for him to be serving 145 years in Colorado for a crime for which there is no evidence at all.  

I also find it interesting that in your world, there apparently is no such thing as a legitimate recantation -- because there are no false reports, right? At the time Sacha formally recanted, she was no longer living with family members and apparently not under "pressure" to recant. More important, she was no longer a minor and under control of social services.


Nori, Alan buridd the fact that this guy was accused by two other little girls in Illinois, completely independent of his step-daughter who is recanting, near the end of a 10-page story then mentions it in the briefest of context. He apparently made no effort to examine those cases, because, ya know, they would have made his story seem less credible. I'm starting to wonder if Alan is related to Charles Farrar. Westword's sister paper in Seattle was busted this week for failing to disclose that one of its writers penned an "investigation" into the heavily disputed domestic abuse the killer said caused her to kill her husband, without disclosing that the writer is the killer's current fiancee. Sloppy, sloppy. Village Voice Media.


I would say that proclaiming the innocence of a man who has twice before been accused of the same thing by two other little girls -- and considering that fact completely negligible -- is a pretty bold, if not foolish assertion, especially given the consequences of your being wrong. To save that bombshell for page 7 of a 9 1/2-page story is journalistic malpractice by someone who is selling a premise that couldn't stand up if that's in the first or second paragraph, as it should have been.

Disclosure: Your cheerleading for this man has been sickening to me from the start. We're to believe that, OK, the cops and prosecutors in Arapahoe County are covering their asses. What about the appeals court? What about the ACLU? What about the Innocence Project? Are they all dupes, too? Puh-leeeeeze. I only see one dupe. His name is Alan.I have no affiliation with the Illinois victims, law enforcement, prosecution or anything else -- you sure jump to conclusions, a trend I see. I'm merely one reader who can't believe how biased your reporting was. Are you a journalist or an activist, Alan? As with the case at your sister paper in Seattle this week, I think a disclosure is in order. Actions speak louder than words, so I suppose your story answers that question. 


To correct you once more: The prior allegations are first mentioned on page three of a ten-page article, not page seven.

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