Seedy cartoonist to bedazzle urban farmers at Denver County Fair: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Denver Neighborhood Seed Company Catalog Outside Cover Kenny Be Westword Blog HeadBW.jpg

The illustration above appeared as the third panel of my "Predictions 2011" Worst-Case Scenario comic in the December 30, 2010 issue of Westword. I was predicting that the success of the Denver County Fair would turn all loft and apartment residents into rooftop and balcony farmers. But, in truth, the fair has turned me into a seedy cartoonist...

Shortly after the Predictions 2011 comic was published, Denver County Fair organizers Dana Cain and Tracy Weil asked if they could use the image on a Denver County Fair poster, and wondered if I would consider having an exhibit of my comics at the fair.

I agreed, on two conditions. First, I wanted to redraw and colorize the small black-and-white image into a more detailed and colorful design that was suited for a poster. Second, I wanted to exhibit artwork that was specially created for the first-ever Denver County Fair.

I asked if I could illustrate a series of neighborhood seed packets that would appear frequently on Westword's Latest Word blog in the months leading up to the fair, then enlarge the seed packet images to show in the Welcome Pavilion at the fair. The redrawn image from the original black-and-white comic appears redrawn and in full color below.

Denver Neighborhood Seed Company Catalog Outside Cover Kenny Be Westword Blog1.jpg

Below, the seed packets get printed as postcards...

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