Reader: Denver police shouldn't go soft on crime because citizens demand accountability

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Good comments often beget more good comments, as proved to be the case with yesterday's Comment of the Day post in which a Denver Police officer argued that biased discipline against the DPD may make everyone less safe. The opinion drew this impassioned response.

Citizen writes:

This is absolutely unacceptable. Cops cannot threaten to be soft on crime just because citizens demand accountability. Those who are armed with weapons and are trained by tax payer money should be held to a standard that the taxpayers demand.

Perhaps if we created circumstances in which police actually felt connected to the communities they served, we wouldn't even be having this discussion. Police used to patrol neighborhoods on foot and by bicycle, forced to interact with citizens and businesses. They became deeply ingrained in community safety. Today, they drive about in their cars, talking on their cell phones, completely disconnected from the neighborhoods they patrol. If the police refuse to serve because they are accountable for their actions (as individuals), then it is time for the people of Denver to create a movement of community safety from within, not from above.

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Ray Denonville
Ray Denonville

The police lose public support when they use foul language and scheme with the city council and mayor to pass a ballot measure for a new jail by having the Clerk and Recorder call in the SWAT Unit to count the mail in ballot for a new jail to be marked with No.2 pencil that could be erased.In a previous election a ballot measure for a new jail was voted down by a wide margin. Hickenlooper and the city council voted in advance of the vote to purchase the modern newspaper and building on Gene Amole Way called the Rocky Mountain News as site for a new jail,  then called in the SWAT Unit to count the ballots instead of civilians; this time the ballot measure passed by a wide margin.The Department of Justice Anti-Trust Unit approved the merger between the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News to be called the Denver Newspaper Agency and to be operated under a joint operating agreement.  Nowhere in that ageement was the Rocky Mountain News to be converted into a jail as part of a land swap, to build a skyscraper called the Denver Newspaper Agency. A lawyer with the Department of Justice Anti-Trust-Unit explained to me the merger was approved to save jobs because the Rocky Mountain News was failing.In the 70's, 80's and 90's the Denver Post was a great newspaper; now the Denver Post is a skyscraper and a crappy newspaper.Some could rightfully call this scenario fascisism.It is public corruption.Denver Copwatch on the other hand will get no donations or support from me (their benefactor is John Hickenlooper,he founded the Chinook Fund that funds Denver Copwatch) as long as their ranks consist of foul mouthed anarchists)


There is going to be a march and rally against police brutality tomorrow afternoon. West Denver CopWatch is repping it: http://westdenvercopwatch.word...

And here is some info on Facebook:

Anyone interested in the issue should really make an effort to come. I feel these marches have definitely influenced the city's actions in say, hiring Charles Garcia and his subsequent firings of poorly behaved thugs working for the police department. Also, there is no justice for Marvin Booker or his family and the city has made it loud and clear that there will never be. That needs to be addressed and handled by any means necessary.

Salad time!
Salad time!

lol foul mouthed anarchists... get the fuck out of here ward cleaver keep crying about a goddamn newspaper merger.

Ray Denonville
Ray Denonville

I guess your one of the fools that went to jail where there once stood the Rocky Mountain News. You don't even have the courage to use your real name, coward.

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