Hand-feeding Burger King food to bears? When it comes to stupidity, that's a Whopper!

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Sure, hands are useful. You can pick up things with them, scratch an itch, lotsa stuff. But if you're tired of clipping your nails or applying lotion when they're chapped, here's a good way to get rid of them: hand-feed fast-food to bears. Granted, this method isn't surefire, since at least two people being sought by police for doing still have all their digits... as far as we know.

According to the Vail Daily, cops in Eagle received several phone calls on Wednesday from locals who saw a female black bear and three cubs rooting around in trash from a dumpster at the town's Burger King -- a sight that had attracted a small group of looky-loos, some of whom apparently wanted to upgrade the menu. Witnesses told an officer they'd seen at least two people buying hamburgers and feeding them to Mama Bear and her brood by hand.

How's Colorado Division of Wlidlife Northwest Regional Manager Ron Velarde describe this decision? As "an extraordinary example of stupid and irresponsible behavior by people." He told the Daily, "Because of their reckless actions, the sow and the cubs now know that people mean food. This dramatically increases the likelihood that these bears will get into trouble in the future and have to be put down."

Not to mention that they may develop a taste for finger food -- of the still-attached-to-a-person variety. Which might go something like this...

Anyone who knows the identity of these geniuses is encouraged to call the DOW's Glenwood Springs office at 970-947-2920. And if you don't know them, keep a watch out for anyone screaming and waving around bloody stumps.

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Lion of Babylon
Lion of Babylon

Seriously folks. DO NOT FEED BEARS!!!

In case you have not lived long in Colorado. BEARS DO EAT PEOPLE!

That being said, when hiking, I do not fear bears. They are docile creatures. If you ever run into one just start talking to it. It will go away. NEVER run from a bear... they can reach speeds up to 30mph on flat land (but they can not run downhill.


At least the bears have good taste.  If they were scrounging around a McDonald's, euthanasia would be a more humane solution to this problem.

Why Phen375
Why Phen375

The intention is good, but the results may not good for the bears.....


We already have obesity in people, and it's rising in pets: are bears next?

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