Jerry Seinfeld's house for sale: Pay $18 million and be master of his domain (PHOTOS)

jerry seinfeld.jpg
Jerry Seinfeld.
Yadda-yadda-yadda has obviously paid well for Jerry Seinfeld. Otherwise, he could never have afforded the spectacular Telluride residence he's now put on the market -- for a mere $18.25 million.

Fortunately, you'll get a lot for the money -- including eleven bedrooms and twelve and a half baths.

The home's listing notes that the residence, at 225 Raspberry Patch Road, adds up to 14,200 feet worth of living space on a spread that measures more than 26 acres. Take a look at the photos here, courtesy of

1 seinfeld house.jpg

2 seinfeld house.jpg

3 seinfeld house.jpg

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Mica Blake
Mica Blake

The price for that home is just an incredible bargain. Most houses this size usually sell at $20-30 M..The interior and exterior designs of the house are absolutely breathtaking.

bib bob
bib bob

if you're worth over $800 mil why sell your house? real estate is more valuable than cash. i've got a nice little place up in telluride...

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

You've got a good point, bib bob. Thanks for weighing in.


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