Readers: John Denver was a cocaine addict & drunk driver, so don't name peak for him

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Our recent post about a petition to name the east peak of Mount Sopris for John Denver drew a couple of very strong "no" votes from a pair of readers.

Check out their one-two punch.

Jude writes:

John Denver was a cocaine addict who once told TV Guide that the highlight of his week was mowing his Starwood lawn in the nude. I hate this idea. Hate it. I'm a 4th generation native of Garfield County. Leave our mountain alone.

Jgracie writes:

I agree with Jude, John Denver was a second home owner in Aspen -- you can't even see Mt. Sopris from there. As a third generation Roaring Fork Valley native, my impression of Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. is that of a terrible drunk driver and I don't want the mountain that I look at every day named for him. Besides, it's already named for some other dead white guy.

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Thank god, I'm not one of you country guys!


I will only say 1 thing "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.


Well I'm a 19th generation native of Mt. Sopris, a direct descendent of Inuit explorers, the first humans known to ever set foot on Mt. Sopris (but back then it was known as "jagged rock of sun and sky" and that's what I call it).  Name it after whatever descendent of genocidal moron you want.  Fuckers.

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