Kyle Orton trade: Could Miami Dolphins face bidding war with Arizona Cardinals for QB?

kyle orton training camp small.jpg
Kyle Orton.
The photo seen here pictures Kyle Orton at Broncos training camp -- but it's not current. Orton didn't show up at Dove Valley yesterday, further fueling speculation that he'll be dealt, and dealt soon.

But where? Miami remains the likeliest Orton destination, but it's hardly the only suitor. Among the most intriguing: The Arizona Cardinals.

The Denver Post's MIke Klis lists five possible Orton landing spots in addition to Miami: Minnesota, Tennessee, Washington, Seattle and Cincinnati. But SB Nation's Russ Oates doesn't necessarily see them as equally plausible, particularly given Orton's desire to start for a team rather than being cast in the role of tutor to an up-and-comer. The Vikings, Titans and Bengals all drafted young quarterbacks, meaning that Orton would likely be looking over his shoulder from day one. And while the Redskins situation seems more open, Oates doesn't seem confident Mike Shanahan would take a Broncos castoff -- and he appears to be lukewarm about the Seahawks ponying up.

Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole no doubt agrees. He thinks the race is being led by two horses. His tweet on the subject:

Strongest possibilities for Kyle orton look like Miami or Tenn. Hasselbeck also in play for both.less than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

As for's Jason La Canfora, he lists the Arizona Cardinals alongside the Dolphins as a current favorite. But don't the Cardinals have their hearts set on acquiring Kevin Kolb from the Philadelphia Eagles? Yes, according to the Arizona Republic -- but the team is talking with the Broncos about Orton just in case the Kolb negotiations don't bear fruit.

There remains a school of thought that Orton is a superior choice over Kolb anyway. Bleacher Report's David Daniels concedes that Kolb may boast higher long-term potential, but Orton has a better chance of manufacturing wins right away -- an important factor if the Cards want to keep Larry Fitzgerald from bolting.

Of course, the large number of prospective trading partners only helps the Broncos, which would only benefit if Orton fever escalates into a bidding war. Meanwhile, Denver's fan base appears not only willing but eager to take a gamble on Tim Tebow. Case in point: Yesterday, a caller to KOA radio said that even if the Broncos wound up 3-13 again this season, it'd be a more interesting 3-13 than last year's version.

No wonder Orton didn't turn up at training camp...

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Absolutely Arizona's a great fit.

For both. The Cardinals are a team ready to roll, in a division begging for a contender. The Cardinal have a stout defense, the best player in the game in Fitzgerald, and a smart, tough as nails head coach.

Kolb's ok. He'd fit in give the offense a good west coast quarterback, and probably not cost them any games. But Orton's the plum.

This reminds me of the locked and loaded 1977 Denver team, killer defense, great special teams, a 40 man roster that was actually the deepest in the AFC west going in.

Craig Morton was that final piece, and the Broncos rolled to 12-2, beat the decade's best franchise, the Steelers in the Divisional round and the hated RAIDAHS!!!!!!!!! a week later.

While the final was a disappointing loss to a team that was just better than them, the 1977 season was probably the most memorable year for us grey heads other than 1997. And it was Morton's ability, his experience, calm and cool head under pressure, and professional approach to playing the position that put a very good team in position to be a great one.

Orton has the same demeanor as Craig, his bristling over being reduced to competing for a position he excels at with a kid that can't play is the only reaction acceptable from a competitive guy with his ability and experience. His salary obviously isn't ok here with the developments of the last few days, but he commands and deserves starter money. He'll get it with Arizona.

With Orton, the Cards could well win the east and the conference. They're that ready.


Andrew Luck graduates in May. 2-12 or 3-13 can and will give the Broncos the first pick.

September 2012, the Luck era begins.    

Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford

Andrew Luck graduates in May. 2-12 or 3-13 can and will give the Broncos the first pick.

And, let's not forget that Luck is from Stanford (as was Mr. Ed). Consequently, I fully expect Tebow to remain for one more season, and even that's to put the meat in the seats as the Broncos sandbag their way to 1-14 this year to cement their draft pick...

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

It'll be interesting to see if Luck will be with the Broncos. Thanks, Rusty.


With Mr. Ed at the helm, that caller to KOA will most certainly get his wish! Can't wait for the Bears/Broncos game this year, now that should be interesting.....

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