Kyle Orton trade: Will he take less to start for Miami Dolphins than to sit for Denver Broncos?

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Kyle Orton.
The trade melodrama over quarterback Kyle Orton ain't over yet. The Miami Dolphins remain the most likely Orton destination, despite safety-net interest from the Arizona Cardinals -- and the pressure to get a deal done is ratcheting higher, in part because of issues involving contracts and cost.

ESPN's Bill Williamson notes that Orton is a free agent after the 2011-2012 season, and the Dolphins would be unlikely to trade Denver a high-round draft choice for his services (Williamson mentions a third-rounder, while other sources talk about a second-round pick) if he could bolt the following year.

No wonder Pro Football Talk's Michael David Smith thinks a hold-up in the deal may be less about the draft pick in question than renegotiating Orton's contract. Given that the new collective bargaining agreement is already causing teams to jettison players left and right to get under the cap, KO may be in the position of taking a pay cut in order to change addresses.

My guess: He'd be willing to do it. He's now in training camp, and the Denver Post's Sarah Kuta thinks he looks more polished than does his likely successor, Tim Tebow. But everyone agrees the situation is awkward, and ESPN's Williamson argues that the longer Orton is taking snaps with the first-team offense, the less opportunity Tebow will have to develop. And this scenario would only become uglier if Orton winds up in predominantly orange for the long haul.

"Make a decision, Denver, and move on," Williamson writes. And that's good advice.

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The big news is that the organization put Orton on the field.

He's been working out all off season, his feet looked like last year........quick, the ball just jumped out on his throws, he was sharp in every tangible, and Orton just looked the part of the polished, in his prime, 28 year old professional that win the job.

Tebow looked like he's been on a book tour, playing golf. His feet are no more in sync than this time last year. His throws are what they are..........laboriously executed, and he looked hesitant most of the time. Truth be told, I'm thinking Orton spooked..........maybe even intimidated the kid a little.

If Tebow gets the job, it'll be because he was anointed. He has no shot to be better than 3rd on the depth chart competition wise, and he'll have to step up his game to move ahead of Adam Weber...........competition wise.

The comparison of the two was startling. Orton's on top of his game, comfortable with the plays on 7 on 7.  Tebow's problems last year weren't addressed in the off season, apparently. He might win every 40 yard gasser, every mile run, he might be the first there and the last to leave, but being the teacher's pet isn't going to beat out Orton. As far as fundamental execution at the quarterback position, he just doesn't seem to have the ability. 

Maybe Elway and Fox shouldn't have allowed Orton on the practice field. Everybody at practice saw the same thing, and unless they plan on keeping Kyle, they're creating headaches for themselves they don't need. Orton will look better than Tebow every practice, every day

And if Tebow's the competitor his movie says he is, his book, commercials and his PR machine says he is, being anointed a starting job over the better player should be unacceptable............or is it? 

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Always enjoy your takes on this subject, Eric. Thanks.

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