Medical marijuana critic William Breathes gets the NPR treatment -- thanks to Starbucks

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Mr. Breathes.
A few weeks ago, in an interview for Ruper Murdoch's iPad newspaper, The Daily, I casually mentioned that Denver has more dispensaries than Starbucks -- a fact Denver Post's Chris Osher first pointed out back in January. I had no clue then that paraphrasing that quote would re-ignite a national and international interest in what we've got going on here in the Mile High City.

While an interesting observation, the announcement that green crosses for medical marijuana shops in Denver were more prevalent than the ubiquitous green and white Starbucks circle was nothing new to anyone paying attention in the metro area. But sometimes I forget that not everyone lives in a medical marijuana state.

Since the story ran in The Daily, numerous news organizations have picked up on the quote. Outlets ranging from the Huffington Post to the Daily Mail in the U.K. have run stories on my comments and my gig as pot shop reviewer. Although I've been getting paid to sift through the hundreds of herb-selling businesses for nearly two years now, the fact that the metro area has so many dispensaries that a newspaper thought to hire a critic is still surprising to people

On Friday, I spoke about that with Guy Raz, host for National Public Radio's Weekend All Things Considered. Our thirty-minute conversation was chopped and edited down to a three-minute segment that ran on Sunday. Like the piece in The Daily, the NPR interview has quickly made the Internet rounds -- finding its way to sites like Gawker, which said I have the best job in journalism.

Some days, that's not true. Some days, it is.

Click here for the original story on NPR.

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joe mama
joe mama

i guess i'll make it 2 comments because only 1 comment makes it look like nobody gives a shit about the fading fad of william breathes. oh wait, nobody does give a shit anymore thus the 1 comment per last 2 articles about you.

William Breathes
William Breathes

It must not have faded that much if you're still paying attention. Thanks for the pick-me-up, Joe.

Boulder Med Cannabis
Boulder Med Cannabis

it's a puff piece (LOL). the article about what he did to stop the crazy mmj dui bill garnered many comments. 

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