Michael Hancock inauguration celebration at the Denver Botanic Gardens (PHOTOS)

michael hancock pointing.jpg
Big pics below.
Yesterday, after being officially inaugurated as Denver's mayor, Michael Hancock invited locals to come to a Denver Botanic Gardens concert and get-together to celebrate. And thousands accepted.

Photographer Stephen Cummings was on hand to capture the lively scene. Page through below to see shots of your friends and neighbors, plus Andrew Woolfolk, Dotsero, Conjunto Colores and more.

Michael Hancock Inauguration_ 0020.jpg
Photo by Stephen Cummings
Michael Hancock and Jeanne Robb.

Michael Hancock Inauguration_ 0001.jpg
Photo by Stephen Cummings
Vee and Adrian Clark.

Michael Hancock Inauguration_ 0006.jpg
Photo by Stephen Cummings
Conjunto Colores.

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Jail Nation
Jail Nation

From school-age kid to hard-working adult, Michael Hancock has always been a leader. Despite adversity and tragedy, he has always found a way to triumph. And with a passion for public service, Michael has always fought on behalf of the people and businesses of Denver.


Michael, Um dude, the sax player is NOT Ronnie Laws. He left the group in th early 70s!!! Thats Andrew Woolfolk sir! Rock and roll Hall of Fame!! Come on man! Do your homework!!

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Oops. I'll fix it right now. Thanks for setting us straight.

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