Michael Hancock appoints panel to wrangle National Western Stock Show plans

Michael Hancock announced yesterday that he's appointed a panel of pols, business people and other civic-minded types to decide what to do about the possible relocation to Aurora of the National Western Stock Show, "a Denver treasured asset," as the mayor-elect calls it. He adds, "We understand it must grow in order to remain viable."

While stuck in the National Western Complex neighborhood for ninety minutes last night -- 38th Avenue was flooded, the road under I-70 was flooded, Downing Street was flooded -- I got the chance to survey the area, and there would seem to be ample opportunities for growth, including the possibility of stretching west to the South Platte and creating a real amenity for Denver. Assembling the land needed for such a project won't be as easy as, say, picking up some big parcel in Aurora from one make-a-buck owner, but there are options worth exploring -- options that could preserve the history of the Stock Show and also let it plan for the future.

And since Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown, who's launched his own campaign to keep the Stock Show in Denver, is on Hancock's panel, you can bet that all those options will be explored.

The full announcement:

DENVER -- Mayor-elect Michael Hancock is convening a National Western Stock Show working group to pursue solutions to concerns surrounding the Stock Show.

A wide-ranging group of leaders from Denver's business, civic and non-profit communities are gathering as an advisory team to help the mayor-elect evaluate options surrounding the proposed relocation of the treasured Denver institution and determine the best pathway moving forward.

"The National Western Stock Show is a Denver treasured asset," said Mayor-elect Hancock. "We understand it must grow in order to remain viable. My administration will work with all stakeholders to explore options and find a viable solution that is in the best interest of Denver, the region and the Stock Show."

The advisory group's goal will be to gather information concerning the context of the proposed relocation efforts and to parse through various scenarios and opportunities going forward, said Denver Attorney Dawn Bookhart, chair of the advisory Group.

"I'm certain the City of Denver is interested in maintaining an institution as beloved as the stock show," Bookhart said. "The mayor-elect is being very deliberate in selecting a broad spectrum of individuals who have one thing in common- a love for this city."

Additional invitations are pending, but confirmed members of the group are:

Dawn Bookhardt, Working Group Chair and Founding Partner, Bookhardt & O'Toole
Jerry Glick, Chair of the Downtown Denver Partnership Management Group
Helen Berkman, Assistant Director for Airport Legal Services, DIA
Tracey Huggins, Executive Director, Downtown Urban Renewal Authority (DURA)
Mario Carrera, VP and General Manager, Entravision Colorado
City Councilman Charlie Brown
Ty Holt, Managing Principal, The Holt Group
City Councilwoman Judy Montero
Paul Ryan, The Kenney Group
Stan Raine, Partner, Sherman and Howard

Let 'er buck.

More from our Calhoun: Wake-Up Call archive: "National Western complex goes to pot: Welcome to the Mile (really) High City."

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Why would anyone willingly go to Aurora?  If we let the Stock Show relocate to BFE Aurora, it will definitely make their resident throngs of car thieves, gang members, and meth dealers very happy.

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