Reader: Michael Hancock prostitution story equivalent to hunt for the Easter Bunny

Our post about the Denver Police Department obstacles being thrown in front of Complete Colorado's Todd Shepherd as he tries to get more information on the Michael Hancock prostitution story didn't spawn a lot of sympathy for his plight.

Here's one particularly cutting post.

WWinchell writes:

I think I'll send a request of all law enforcement to produce evidence of any surveillance in any investigation depicting the Easter Bunny or any property or vehicle registered to the Easter Bunny. Then when they respond that "no such evidence exists" I'll have reason to hound them over the the "comment in the negative" on every single ongoing investigation to produce all evidence that they have.

See? I can stick my head up my ass and claim to be a journalist too!

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Who cares about prostitution?  As long as Hancock isn't touching kids or embezzling millions of dollars from the state, he's probably on par with every other politician out there.  Let he who is without sin post the first blog!

Light Rail Tattler
Light Rail Tattler

I really doubt the Denver Police care about whore houses; look at the classified adds in the back of the Westword. I don't think the Denver Police are holding back, they have nothing on Hancock. On the other hand, check with Fox News and their prostitute in the sky, phone hacker, cyber stalker, thief: R.W."Pete" Peterson.

Ray Denonville
Ray Denonville

If you want want to make Rank in the Denver Police, Fire Department, Sherrif''s Department, Public Defender's Office, City Attorney's Office, District Attorney's, make Judge in County or District Court you will not make it unless your are a Mason and ready to blacklist, stalk, imprison and kill.


The PublicDefender's Office? You know that they are among the least-paid and overworkedpublic servants there are (of course, I recognize social workers, teachers, andeveryone else out there who are NOT involved with the indiscriminateprosecution of alleged offenders). They selflessly defend their clients againstunjust (though sometimes warranted) prosecution who can't afford their ownlegal representation. How are they associated with the Masons? Did you eatpaint chips as a child? Did you huff too many bags of paint thinner when youwere in middle school?

You, sir,are truly paranoid. Please seek help and a heavy regimen of medication.

Let meguess... You're a white, middle-class, blue collar American who has had analtercation with the law. You didn't make it into the frat in college, failedout because classes were too hard, and so now you have a bias against people inany/all organizations because you have an inferiority complex you can't shake.Dude, you're not alone, but you have to rise above. There are scores of peopleyou listed as being a "Mason" (why, exactly, being a Mason wouldnecessarily be a bad thing, considering their track record of public service)who are only there to help you out of the shit you probably find yourself in allof the time. Always quick to criticize, yet you've never backed away from afree handout, right?

Together, wecan fight the proliferation of propaganda-induced stupidity. Let's all pitch inand give "Light Rail Tattler" a helping hand. He/she needs a friend(though they might not find one in me).


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