Mighty Fudge Studios launches war against clipboard hoards on Pearl Street Mall (VIDEO)

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Mighty Fudge Studios, the Boulder-based animation studio, is best known for its graphic hijinks, from cartoons attacking Jay Leno to boner ditties that are too risqué for YouTube. But it also dabbles in non-animated capers, such as its guerrilla No Clipboard Campaign that takes on the many well-meaning activists who prowl the Pearl Street Mall all summer asking for the attention of passersby -- as well as their donations.

Sure, the clipboard crews are connected to worthwhile causes, but let's be honest: When you're strolling through the picture-perfect pedestrian heart of Boulder, the last thing you want to hear about is the plight of the endangered speckled penguin. "Excuse me, sir," the canvassers ask so innocently, "Do you care about the environment?" Yes we do care about the environment, you manipulative little Debbie Downer, but honestly, not as much as we care about the overpriced cocktail waiting for us at Hapa Sushi.

Of course, you can't actually say that to those bright-eyed little whelps. Then you would come off as the big, shallow asshole you really are. What do you do instead? Mighty Fudge Studio has the answer -- in the form of fake clipboards that they've hung on the door to their office at 1017 Pearl Street, part of the old Bart's CD Cellar, that pedestrians are free to borrow and use as a talisman of sorts to ward off the real clipboard wielders. After all, canvassers aren't about to bug other canvassers -- so why not fight fire with fire.

If the clipboarded do-gooders don't fall for it, the Mighty Fudge clipboards also offer survival tips for navigating the gauntlet of groveling: Avoid eye contact. Pretend you have an infectious disease. Stand completely still, since canvassers can't see you if you're not moving. (Actually, the last one comes from Jurassic Park, but we're pretty sure it works on activists, too.)

Finally, Mighty Fudge is also handing out buttons that tell activists flat-out, "No! I don't have a minute." Sure, you might come off as a big, shallow asshole, but when you're walking down Boulder's Pearl Street Mall, you should be in good company.

Look below to check out a Daily Camera video about the campaign.

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Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Right -- as you walk the Mall, you expect to travel in your own little, possibly electronically enhanced world, without being obtruded upon by other people immediately around you.  Define the word "society" (or is this an archaism?).

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

It is not; evidently you are confused about the purpose of the Bill of Rights, which is to protect citizens from governmental encroachment on their rights (not to prevent real citizens from trying to engage the clueless and apathetic).


Robert Chase
Robert Chase

I don't get too upset about anonymous invective.  The trustifarians are not the people asking you to sign petitions -- the petitioners are working a low-wage job.

Crunchy, deep-fried critters.
Crunchy, deep-fried critters.

You must be one of those Boulderite trust-fund hippy douches.  You know, the magic box on which you are typing your judging, hypocritical fecal matter is keeping you from interacting with the tangible society immediately around you.  How do you like them apples, son?


Is the right to be left alone, not a constitutional right?


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